Difference between Web Hosting and Web Designing

Key Difference: Web hosting refers to a service that is required for the website to be assessable on the internet. The companies that offer this service, provide their server computers (physical location) to store the web pages and files. Web designing refers to the process of creating the visual aspects of a web site or web pages. It comprises of planning and creation of web pages.

Web hosting and web designing are both quite different from each other. Web hosting is generally related with the background technical process. On the other hand, web desiging is related to the skills pertaining to the front end of the websites. A web hosting service can be described as a kind of service through which one is able to get the space on a server for the web pages of the website. The space is generally owned or leased to be used by the clients. The facility of web hosting also includes service of internet connectivity. In simple language, one can publish the website using the infrastructure that is provided by the web hosting companies.

Web designing is related to the skills that are used in the production and maintenance of the websites. It includes many aspects like interface design, search engine optimization, etc. Most of the things are related to the visual impact of the website. Designing of a website requires a chain of processes. The web pages should be designed in such a way that the user feels convenient and should not present the information or the content in a confusing manner.

Comparison between web hosting and web designing:


Web Hosting

Web Designing


Web hosting refers to a service that is associated with internet hosting. The companies that offer this service provide their server computers to store the web sites.

Web designing is related to the skills that are used in the production and maintenance of the websites. It includes many aspects like interface design, search engine optimization, etc.


To get the space to store the web pages, so that the website can be accessed through the internet.

Any information on the internet can be only accessed through web pages, and thus the creation of the websites in an appealing way is very important.

Services included

Generally, it includes website building, uploading of files and images, internet connectivity and library of various tools.

Generally, it includes planning of web-pages layouts, production of content and graphic designing.


  • Shared hosting offers a complete package and is not very expensive.
  • Virtual Private servers are known for their control and reliability factors.
  • Dedicated servers provide complete control and also guarantee reliability through SLAs.
  • A good website design may increase number of visitors on the website.
  • The readability of content in a website is also affected by the designing.
  • Good website designing always incorporates the features that can be later updated and can be easily integrated with future changes in the development.



  • Shared Hosting – the server is shared with many other customers.
  • Dedicated Servers - a server that host’s only the client’s website.
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers - web host employs many virtual servers on each machine and thus costs are reduced.
  • Managed hosting - a type of dedicated server hosting in which web site hosting provider manages client’s server on his behalf.


  • Flash web designing - it consists of animations and videos.
  • Static Designing - simple designing that involves basic components like navigation, footer and header separately.
  • Template Designing - it is used for a seamless predefined structure of all the web pages.
  • Custom web Designing - customized web designing requires a professional web designer to incorporate all required inputs.

Companies providing the services

10vor8.com, 2ndQuadrant Ltd, AccelerateBiz Incorporated, etc.

Sibz solutions, 79xperts, Access Technology India, etc.

Image Courtesy: blog.chennaihost.com, ledonk.com

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