Difference between Yoga and Gym

Key difference: The main difference between yoga and the gym is the effect it has on the body. Yoga is effective to all organs of the body; whereas, gym is effective to only specific parts of the body.

Yoga traditionally originated in India. It is a generic term for physical, mental and spiritual practices. Various traditions of yoga are found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is practiced from the Vedic period. It comprises of exercises (asana) which are responsible for the progress of the body.

Yoga is a disciplined method, wherein exercises are supposed to be practiced regularly. It gives the internal and external stability to the body. Yogic exercises comprises of all-body exercises, which makes body turn and move accordingly. Body becomes enriched with divine spirituality and freshness. It is also practiced to overcome some muscular pain and to cure some diseases. Nowadays, yoga is accepted in almost all parts of the world. It is encouraged, as it is successful in giving the results of proper change and development. Yogic exercises form the base of all other forms of fitness exercise. Yoga is also practiced in the medical studies of ayurvedic and homeopathy. It has also become successful in giving out the results of curing some diseases. Currently, yoga is also used to cure cancer. Yoga has several forms, which are practiced accordingly.

Gym basically refers to a fitness and health club. Gym is a place where gymnastics and exercise are carried out. Nowadays, the trend of going to gym has increased. It gives instant results in formation of muscles and body physique. Generally, gym is practiced to obtain a perfect shape and posture of the body.

Gyms are carried out by exercising with heavy weights, such as pull-ups, push-ups, etc. Gyms instructors are the ones who help to do the exercises in a gym. These exercises result in the formation of sweat, in which the calories, are burnt. These exercises are to be practiced compulsorily and regularly. They are practiced in the fitness clubs, by lifting the free weights which includes, dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines. Gym exercises target only the specific parts of the body. Gym also includes the daily exercises such as the walking, jogging and running.

Comparison between Yoga and Gym:




Effective Organs

Yoga is effective in all the parts of the body.

Gym is effective only to the specific parts of the body.

Loss of Energy

Here the loss of energy is less.

Here the loss of energy is more.

Freshness and flexibility

One feels fresh after practicing yoga.

One feels tired after practicing at the gym.


Yoga can be practiced by everyone.

One can practice at the Gym only after a certain age.

Effect on Internal Organs

Yoga fully affects all internal systems of body.

Gym does not affects the internal systems of body.

Stress and Psycho Diseases

It reduces the stress and psycho diseases and gives internal stability.

It is not concern with the psychological diseases.

Image Courtesy: spiritvoyage.com, wikimedia.org

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