Difference between Yoga and Meditation

Key difference: Yoga comprises of all forms including the internal, external and mental stability. Meditation comprises of only the mental stability, which is obtained through yoga.

Yoga is a traditional form of practicing exercises. It is practiced from ancient times in all religions. It is a source of obtaining the overall body stability. Here the stability is acquired; internally, externally as well as mentally.

Study of yoga consists of sets of exercises. These exercises are to be practiced regularly and efficiently. The body feels fresh by practicing these exercises. Its exercises are practiced to cure various pains. It has proved to be the most efficient and successful form of exercise in medical ayurvedic treatments. Yoga is also advised by the physiotherapists.

Meditation originated in the Vedic period in ancient India. It was practiced by the ancient Hindus. 

Meditation is a practice, in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness.  In meditation, the person sits at one place and gains inner mental stability. It is practiced with motive or motiveless. They give divine concentration to an individual. In the past, it was considered as one of the stages of life. An individual devoted himself in meditation after living his social life. It is not an easy process to meditate. It brings the mind into the center position, and concentrates on a set of goals. The mind achieves stability and becomes quiet and calm. It brings equivalence in the state of mind. In yoga, the meditation is acquired with Pranayama. In this, the mind is stabilized by prompting the omkar mantra. The aura is generated in the form of waves in the air, which stabilizes the mind and regains stability. It is basically used to improve personnel development. Many great saints and devotees had lead their life into meditation. Meditation is practiced in all religion in their form of worship.

Comparison between Yoga and Meditation:




Short description

Yoga is traditional form, which is to be practiced regularly.

Meditation is the spiritual attainment to stabilize the state of mind.

What does it includes?

It is a vast study comprising of various exercises.

It comprises of only the inner mind stability.

How is it practiced?

It is to be practiced with movements.

It is to be practiced sitting at one place.


It includes the internal stability.

Meditation is a part of yoga.

Body movement

Here the body moves in accordance to the exercises.

Here the body is at one pose, wherein, there is no motion.


Here the overall body feels fresh.

Here the mind is bought into concentration.


There is a gain of body equivalence.

There is a gain of mind equivalence.

Image courtesy: consciousconnectionmagazine.com, mydeepmeditation.com

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In that case why I call yoga? Call it is physical execrsize, above explanation summarises the same

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