Difference between Shaving Foam and Gel

Key difference: Shaving foam is a type of shaving cream that is used to lather in order to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving. Shaving gel is used for the same purpose, but is in the form of a gel.

Shaving cream is a substance applied to the face for shaving. They have moisturizing properties, which are used to provide lubrication so that the razor gently glides over the skin while shaving. If the razor glides gently it equals to less drag and irritation. This helps avoid razor burns. They also help soften the stubble of facial hair in order to provide a closer shave. Depending on the ingredients, some creams may also help soften and moisturize the skin. Shaving creams usually contain a mixture of oil, soaps, surfactants, and water or alcohol. However, creams with alcohol tend to dry out the skin.

Shaving creams are an essential part of the morning shaving routine. They are available in tubs, tubes, as bar soaps or in aerosol spray cans. Shaving cream in the spray can is commonly dispensed as foam or gel.

Shaving cream that is dispensed as foam is already worked into lather and can be directly applied to the face. The gel, on the other hand, needs to be worked into lather by agitating in between the fingers. The gel, however, does not work into a rich lather and is quite opaque and transparent when applied to the face. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The rich lather of the foam tends to provide a little more protection rather than the gel. Also, as the shaving gel is usually translucent and very thin, it increases the chances that one might miss some patches, as oppose to foam where one can usually see the stubble against the rich white lather.

Shaving gel also has a tendency to clog the razor while shaving, which requires frequent cleaning of the razor during shaving. One does not have this problem with foam. Furthermore, gel tends to be more expensive than foam, as a small amount of gel can work up good amount lather. A large amount of shaving foam is needed to cover the same amount of area as a small amount of shaving gel.  So, a can of shaving gel tends to last longer. Also, shaving foams contain no oils whereas shaving gels contain plenty of oils.

In addition, shaving gels tend to be more effective than foams, as they get the shaving done faster. One may need to re-lather while using foam, as the water in the foam tends to evaporate causing the lather to dry out. Many find applying and reapplying the foam to be rather time consuming and troublesome.

Most shavers use gel or foam out of an aerosol can every morning to shave. However, one should keep in mind that these types of shaving creams then to contain excess chemicals and numbing agents that can be very harmful to the skin. Traditional type of wet shaving using creams that come in tubes or tubs is considered to be healthier.

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