Difference between Tuxedo and Suit

Key difference: A suit is a formal wear that is usually worn in the office, whereas a tuxedo is a more relaxed version of a suit that is normally worn on semi formal events.

Suit and Tuxedo are both the formal wear for men. Guys sure find dressing up tiring; they causally go for a suit or a tuxedo, according to their preference. However, one might still want to know the difference between the two formal wears.

A suit is a set of garments, which are generally made from the same cloth, and consist of at least a jacket and trousers. Suits originated in Britain, but are more popular and commonly worn in the West, based on the different occasions.

Suits are traditionally worn with a collared shirt and a necktie. It is different variations in cut, design, and cloth of a suit, which determines its social and work aptness. Suits come with number different pieces such as a two-piece suit with a jacket and trousers; a three piece vest or waistcoat; some pieces might include a matching flat cap. Also, in the 1960s, men would be seen wearing hats, which sure made them, look smart and distinguished.

Generally, suits were tailor made according to the client’s measurements, taste, style and choice of cloth. However, since the Industrial Revolution, suits are now mass-produced, and are sold as ready-to-wear garments. Suits are usually worn to formal affairs such as meetings, weddings, etc.

A tuxedo, aka tux, is a dinner suit or dinner jacket for a formal evening. It is easily distinguished by the primary satin facings on the jacket's lapels and the buttons, and a similar stripe on the outer-seam of the trousers. This suit is typically black in color, and is commonly worn with a formal shirt and shoes; there are other accessories used as well.  

Tuxedos are considered to be more flamboyant affairs; they are worn for semi-formal evenings. They can be worn with different types of accessories such as cuff links or studs for the shirts, vests, pocket squares and bow-ties, etc. Also, cummerbunds or waist coats are de’riguer with a tuxedo. The attire is completed with shiny leather patent shoes. Tuxedos have a touch od silk and are wore on occasions such as prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies, etc.

Therefore, from the above article one might say that if a guy is attending a formal event, he can choose to wear a tuxedo, however if he wants to look dignified everyday, he should certainly suit up!

Comparison between Tuxedo and Suit:





A tuxedo (or tux) is a form of dinner jacket.

A suit is a set of garments made from same cloth and consists of a jacket and trousers.


It is ideal for semi-formal occasions.

It is ideal for formal occasions.

Number of buttons

It usually comes in one button.

It comes with two to three buttons.


The tuxedo shirts have pleated front and can be worn with cuff links, studs and other similar accessories.

It is worn with a plain front shirt, long sleeved with full length buttoned.

Jacket Lapels

They are covered in satin material.

It may be made of same material as rest of the jacket.


They have pointed lapels.

They have notch lapels.


The pants feature matching satin stripe going down the outer leg of the pants.

There are no satin stripes on the outside portion of the pants.


It is worn with shiny patent leather shoes only.

It is worn with smart formal shoes such as Oxfords, Derbies or smart slip ons.


It is usually available in black or white.

It is available in many colors.

Bow, or tie

Only a bow is born with a tux.

Tie is worn with a suit.


It is suitable for semi formal evening events like prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies.

It is suitable for more conservative and formal affairs like business meetings, weddings, funerals.

Image Courtesy: menstennisforums.com, mytuxedocatalog.com

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