Difference between All The Best and Best Of Luck

Key Difference: ‘All the best’ and ‘best of luck’ are the phrases that are used to represent well wishes. ‘Best of luck’ wishes are in terms of favoring of luck, whereas ‘all the best’ refers to the wish that the best among all the things happen to the concerned person.

We have often heard phrases such as ‘All the best’ and ‘best of luck’ from our well wishers. It is a common trend to say ‘best of luck’ to friends before the exams. Similarly, ‘all the best’ can also be used in similar kind of situations. So, what is the difference between these two phrases? Read more to understand the differences.

In the phrase ‘all the best’, the key word is ‘best’. The word best is used to describe something that is pertaining to the category of highest quality, excellence or most suitable. It is used to convey best wishes. This phrase can be used anytime; it does not require situations like appearance in examinations etc.

It refers to the best things that one wants to happen to the other. ‘All the best’ is commonly used as partying phrase to acknowledge the partying. Partying can be of individuals or groups. It is used to indicate bidding of goodbyes. This phrase is  generally used to wish somebody a safe journey and to wish that everything may go well. An action of thumps up is also used to indicate ‘all the best’.

In the phrase ‘best of luck’, the key word is luck. Luck is defined as the chance of happening of fortunate or adverse events. Thus, when someone wishes a ‘best of luck’, it means that the wisher wants the person to get the best chance. For example, ‘best of luck for your exams’. In this sentence, the wisher wishes that the luck favours the person and thus, he does well in the examinations.

A person with good luck at his favour is expected to be successful in whatever he attempts. Thus, wishing ‘best of luck’, is also regarded as a good wish. Some people may refer it in the negative sense, that it does not talk about person’s own contribution and everything is left to the luck. However, in common usage we consider it in positive terms, because it is believed that good luck will fulfill the person’s desires. ‘Good luck’ also refers to the same kind of wishes.

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