Difference between Bold and Strong Coffee

Key difference: Bold and strong coffee is related to the brewing techniques while making any coffee. Mostly, the concentration of caffeine defines a coffee type and taste. A Bold Coffee is of intense, rich and robust flavor; while, a Strong Coffee depends upon the coffee and water ratio. 

Coffee types are solely dependent on the flavor and nature of coffee. Coffee preparation is an art in itself, as there are several varieties of coffee which are famous world wide. Every coffee is made with a different style; which gives them a different flavor. These distinguishes all coffee types form each-other. Every coffee lover prefers a specific type of coffee, this type differ in the coffee concentration and preparation. Generally, there are only two main basic types of coffee, one the bold coffee while the other the strong coffee. These types entirely depend on the preparation and caffeine concentration.

A ‘bold coffee’ refers to an intense, full body, rich flavored coffee. Basically, bold coffee refers to the dark roasted coffee, or an increased coffee to water ratio. This are considered to be strong yet smooth in nature; hearty and full-bodied with no bitter taste. Bold coffee contains a strong taste of caffeine which gives the coffee a different strong taste. The term ‘bold coffee’, may differ according to the coffee shop trends and company.

A ‘strong coffee’ refers to the strength of water/coffee concentrations. This coffee does not consist of any particular type of roast. The strong coffee types are often considered to have dark roasts, but actually they do not consider such roasts. Basically, these coffees contains high ratio of coffee grounds with water. 

Hence, these coffee types differ in their flavors due to their contents. People prefer coffees according to their taste; hence it is often found that, the regular coffee drinkers do not change their style and flavor. Bold and strong coffees are just names given to the coffees, due to their concentrations. These coffee preparations differ in their caffeine, coffee and espresso concentrations. Many known and renowned coffee cafes and shops offer their special types of bold and strong coffees to their coffee lovers.

Comparison between Bold and Strong Coffee:


Bold Coffee

Strong Coffee

Coffee types

A coffee which is dark roasted, with more coffee and less water.

A coffee with more coffee and less water concentration.

Whether roasted or not

Dark roasted

No roasted


It is not bitter and smooth is taste.

It may be bitter and strong in taste.

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