Difference between Bubble Bath and Foam Bath

Key Difference: A bubble bath refers to a bathtub or bath which uses a surfactant product for forming bubbles. Foam bath also refers to a bubble bath in which a large collection of bubbles are formed on the surface of bath water.

A bubble bath is used to refer to a bath in which bubbles are formed on the top of the bath water. These bubbles can be formed in various ways. One can make use of any of the foaming surfactants to mix with water. Then, temporary addition of air generates the bubbles. Air is generally added by pouring water from a tub faucet.

Foam refers to the bubbles formed on the top most layer of water. Therefore, there is basically no difference between bubble bath and foam bath. A foam bath is just the other name for bubble bath. However, commonly the usage of bubble bath is more preferred than foam bath.

Bubble bath is often preferred as it helps in insulating the bath water, and therefore, it remains hot for a longer time. These bubble baths are more of a fun activity for children.

 Initially around 1950, petroleum detergents like surfactants were used as bubble ingredients.  They are not considered to be good for the skin due to the harsh effects generated by them many times. Later, vegetable oil Sodium Sulfate group got introduced. It was expensive but was preferred for being gentler and milder. It creates a lot of bubbles but is not that good in dealing with oil and grease like the sulfonates (petroleum detergents).

It is important to mention that bubble bath will won’t foam unless gas is added by using any of the techniques like using a water jet or any other type of mixing mechanism. Bubble bath soaps for grown-ups are generally a blend of herbal essences, oils and natural fragrances. A bubble bath is considered to be a good one if it has plenty of foam which lasts for a long time.

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