Difference between Butter and Margarine

Key Difference: Butter is a dairy product that is made by processing cow milk. Margarine is prepared artificially by using vegetable oil extract and hydrogen bubble visualization technique.

Butter is made from cream that is formed while the milk reaches its boiling point. Cream is a soft layer which is white in color. Cream is formed on the surface of milk when it reaches the normal temperature from the boiling point. Further, the cream can be easily removed from the milk and the remaining milk is solidified to form butter. Milk is an animal/dairy product hence the fat it contains is also called as animal fat.

Margarine is extracted from vegetable oil by using the chemical hydrogen. As the hydrogen molecules are absorbed in the margarine, it starts to solidify and the solid content is butter. Different opinions are prevalent about the consumption of butter and margarine and its good and bad effects on the human body. Some firmly believe that margarine is bad for health because it contains transfats whereas some are of the opinion that butter is bad because it contains saturated fats.

The truth of the matter is three-fold:

  1. Anything that is consumed in excessive quantities is bad for health.
  2. Every one has a different digestive system depending on their capacity to consume food and their body’s ability to convert that food into energy.
  3. Every body reacts differently to particular exercise and diet regime.

Our body also needs different kinds of food to remain healthy including fats. Our body actually needs the cholesterol that is produced by consuming saturated fats. The human body requires at least 200 mg of cholesterol every day.

Each table spoon of butter contains 33 mg of cholesterol. So even if you eat 4 table spoon of butter per day through different food items cooked at home and outdoors - you tend to exceed the required cholesterol. And then it starts becoming bad cholesterol!

Contrary to this, each table spoon of margarine contains only 3 gms of saturated fat. But unfortunately margarine also contains bad cholesterol in the form of transfats. Now, in addition to transfats, margarine also contains certain chemicals such as nickel and its excessive consumption can result into life threatening diseases such as kidney disease and lung cancer.

In conclusion, it can be stated that whatever you use be it butter or margarine, please use it in lower quantities to stay fit. Our body also needs different kinds of food to remain healthy including fats. Please remember, that every human body also needs adequate amount of exercise. You do not just turn healthy by consuming certain foods and avoiding other type of foods. Your body mechanism is a science and every ‘Body’ system works differently.

Image Courtesy: maximusmark.com, foodsubs.com

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