Difference between Comma and Period

Key difference: The comma and period are distinguished with reference to their functions. Comma is used to connect the elements, whereas period is used to end the sentence.

Categories of the same type can be represented together with the help of a comma. Comma links various elements into a single instance.

Comma provides a joint between the components. Comma groups together the similar elements in the content. The various elements can also be added to a sentence with the help of a comma.

For example: The forest comprises of trees, animals, and birds.

Here the components of the different categories of the forest are grouped together with the help of the commas.

The period is a full-stop. They act as terminators. Periods are also commonly used in-between the abbreviated forms or after a particular degrees

Commonly period is known as full-stop. Full-stop is in British-English, while period is in American-English. The period is used to join short sentences. After the period, the first letter at the beginning of the new sentence is supposed to be written in upper-case.

For example:

He saw the market. He also saw the mall.

Here the two sentences are separated by a period.

Comparison between Comma and Period:





It appears as a single closing question mark.

It appears as one single dot.


A comma in grammar is used to represent various items of the same category.

A period is used to terminate any sentence.


Its role is to provide the addition of the components.

Its role is to conclude the end of any subject.


They are present after the varieties of contents.

It is present after every end of the sentence.

Alternate use

Comma is also used after conjunctions.

Period is also used after abbreviated degrees.

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