Difference between Defuse and Diffuse

Key Difference: Defuse is simple. The literal meaning of defuse is to de-fuse. It basically means to remove the fuse from a bomb or to deescalate or to reduce the danger or tension. Diffuse, on the other hand, means to spread out in a wide or large area. Diffuse has a similar meaning to disperse.

DefuseEnglish is a complicated language, which is why it is understandable to get confused between some words that look and sound similar. Defuse and diffuse are two such words. They are spelled similarly and are even pronounced in almost the same way. However, there is a difference in the way that they are used. The two words have two completely different meanings which can lead to further confusion if used incorrectly.

Defuse is simple. The literal meaning of defuse is to de-fuse. It basically means to remove the fuse from a bomb. Over time, it has gained another, slightly non-literal meaning, which is to deescalate or to reduce the danger or tension. For example, “John has to diffuse the bomb quickly.” or “Mary had to defuse the argument between John and Joan.”

Diffuse, on the other hand, means to spread out in a wide or large area. Diffuse has a similar meaning to disperse, which also means to spread out in a large area. For example, “The blue dye diffused through the water slowly.” This indicates that the dye was slowly spreading through the water.

Another meaning of diffuse is to describe something that is confusing or lacking clarity. For example: “That report was very diffuse”, which basically means that the report was confusing and lacking clarity. However, it should be noted that as compared to the previous meaning, this definition of diffuse is less commonly used.

DiffusionHence, as it can be seen that interchanging these two words can be quite confusing, and may lead to the person inferring something incorrectly. Basically, you know what to talk about the blue dye removing the fuse from the water or Mark slowly spreading through the bomb. That can be confusing at best, or even nightmarish.

An easy way to remember where to use which word, note that defuse means to de-fuse, i.e. remove the fuse, which typically bombs have which makes the situation tense, hence, whenever the situation relates to bombs or tension, use defuse. In every other scenario you can use diffuse. Diffuse broadly means to disperse.

It should also be noted that defuse is only every a verb, meaning it is something that is done or something that someone is doing. Diffuse, on the other hand, is a verb and an adjective, which means that it is something that is happening, while it can also be used to describe something else, i.e. a diffuse report (confusing report) or diffuse light (i.e. spread out light)

Comparison between Defuse and Diffuse:




Definition (Oxford Dictionaries – Lexicon)

Remove the fuse from (an explosive device) in order to prevent it from exploding.

Make (a situation) less tense or dangerous.

Spread over a wide area or between a large number of people.

Spread out over a large area; not concentrated.

Lacking clarity or conciseness.


Basically to de-fuse, i.e. remove the fuse from a bomb. Also to remove the tension from a situation.

For something to go from concentration to spreading out or between a large area.


English. From conjoining of two words, ‘de-’ and ‘fuse’.

Late Middle English from Latin diffus- ‘poured out’, from the verb diffundere, from dis- ‘away’ + fundere ‘pour’; the adjective via French diffus or Latin diffusus ‘extensive’, from diffundere.

Type of Speech


Verb, Adjective


De-fuse (remove the fuse from a bomb)

Means to disperse

Aroma diffuser, which spreads the fragrance into the air (i.e. large space)


  • Mark had to defuse the bomb.
  • John had only 3 mins left to defuse the bomb.
  • We had to defuse the situation quickly.
  • The argument needed to be defused.
  • The two groups will meet next week to try to defuse the crisis
  • The lamp diffused the light.
  • The light is more diffuse in this room.
  • The gas slowly diffused into the chamber.
  • The circuits diffused the power as needed.
  • Oxygen diffuses from the lungs into the bloodstream
  • The drop of red dye diffused slowly in the water.


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