Difference between Jaguar and Panther

Key Difference: Jaguar and Panther are two different big cats. Jaguars are larger and stockier, and are mainly found in the Western hemisphere. Panthers are powerful, intelligent, and exotic animals, and are mainly found in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The jaguars are compact and well-muscled animals. Panther is a genus in the Felidae family that consists of the lions, tigers and other big cats. Jaguars are solitary animals that live and hunt alone, except during their mating season. A Jaguar resembles leopard, but is larger and has a somewhat shorter tail. Jaguars are seen in many places ranging from Southern Mexico to Argentina. Jaguars are outstanding swimmers and climbers. Jaguars hunt individually, often springing from trees upon tapirs, capybaras, and peccaries. They either crush or suffocate the prey or bite straight through their skull. They also feed on fish and rabbits; some jaguars kill domestic cattle for food. About 3 and half months after mating, the female generally gives birth to two to four kittens.

Panther animal is very powerful. It occurs in both species the jaguar and the leopard. Panthera pardus is a genus in the Felidae family. Differences are to be recognized best by the statue. The jaguar is built more strongly. They can also be well distinguished by their head. However, the easiest way is to see them in their typical habitat. The jaguar lives in South America and you will find the Panther in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Black panthers are most commonly melanistic variations of jaguars, leopards, and very rare black tigers. Black panthers are most commonly found in southwestern China, Myanmar, Assam and Nepal, Travancore and other parts of southern India. In Jaguars, the melanism gene is dominant and black jaguars may produce either black or spotted cubs.

Comparison between Jaguar and Panther:




Scientific Name

Panthera onca

Puma concolor






Panthera pardus














Near threatened



Southern United States and Mexico across much of Central America and south to Paraguay and northern Argentina.

Latin America, Asia and Africa


They will either crush or suffocate victim or bite straight through his skull.

They will also either crush or suffocate victim or bite straight through his skull.


Their diet consists of approximately 87 species. It includes Caimans, deer, capybaras, tapirs, peccaries, dogs, foxes, frogs, mice, birds anacondas, cattle,  horses, fish, sloth, monkeys, and turtles, etc.

They are herbivores. Animals including Deer, Warthogs, Wild Boar, Tapir and Antelope are all hunted by Panthers, along with smaller species like Birds and Rabbits when larger prey is scarce


Weight is 56 to 96 kg, can go up to 160 kg. Females are typically 10–20% smaller than males.

Weight is up to 30 to 72 kg.


Jaguars range to reddish-brown and black.

Panthers are usually of black color, but they are also seen in pink and white color.


Jaguars' base coat is usually tawny yellow, but can range to reddish-brown and black.

Panthers have small heads with strong jaws and emerald green eyes, and tend to have hind legs that are both larger and slightly longer than those at the front.


Jaguar is a very powerful swimmer.

Panther can swim. However, they love dry ground.

Image Courtesy: petkaria.com, karlshuker.blogspot.com

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? The author needs to bone up on some biology. FAKE NEWS

This is wrong. Panthers aren't a species. If a jaguar has cubs, and one of them is all black, then it can be called a panther; it's still a jaguar, the name panther just means it's a black jaguar. It's the same for leopards, a black leopard can be called a panther too, it's still a leopard but it's all black.

"but they are also seen in pink and white color." You got me there

This page makes no sense as panthers are just a fur color within other species. Scientist have begun to differentiate between the types of panthers and maybe you should too instead of lumping multiple species of cat into one group because of their fur color

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