Difference between Lier and Liar

Key difference:  The two words differ in their spelling, and actually have different meanings too. A lier is the one who lies down; while a liar is the one who deliberately tells lies.

According to myDictionary.net, a lier means:  

  • “One who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment”.

According to Dictionary.com:

  • “a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush.”

The person who reclines or lies down is said as a lier.

According to myDictionary.net, a liar means

  • “A person, who knowingly utters falsehood; one who lies.”

According to Dictionary.com:

  •  A liar is "a person who tells lies".

Liar is the one who tells falsehood deliberately or purposely.

Comparison between Lier and Liar:




Short description

One who lies down is the lier.

One who says falsehood is said to be the liar.


The lier was also accused at the time as being pro-German.

I was happy to leave the compulsive liar behind.

Image Courtesy: english.people.com, sodahead.co

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Why is "liar" spelled with an "a" when all other forms of both words use an "e"?

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