Difference between M.B.A. and P.G.P.M.

Key Difference: M.B.A. refers to Master of Business Administration. It is a degree that is conferred on completion of a two to three year management programme. It is granted by a University or an institution that is affiliated to the University. On the other hand, P.G.P.M. stands for a Post Graduate Programme in Management. It is a one to two year autonoumous programme. 

Many people do not understand the difference between an M.B.A. programme and a P.G.P.M. programme. M.B.A. is a degree, whereas P.G.P.M is a certificate. M.B.A. focuses on various areas related to business and administration. However, the focus of a P.G.P.M. programme is to develop efficient managers.

M.B.A. is a degree that is provided by the colleges that are affiliated to a University and these universities are controlled by the University Grants Commissions. P.G.P.M. is a certificate programme that is generally provided by the colleges that are not affiliated to any University and the institution functions as an autonomous body. Many colleges provide a combination of both as PGPM + MBA (Autonomous Programme + UGC Degree).




Full form

Masters of Business Administration

Post Graduate Programme in Management





Offered by an institution that is affiliated to a University

Generally, offered by an institution that is not affiliated to any University


Based on developing technical skills and business knowledge.

Focus on details related to management

Eligibility for Ph.D.




Marketing advisor, financial advisor, etc.

Efficient managers


Symbiosis, IIT

SPJIMR, IIM (Ahmedabad)


A graduate degree in any stream.

A graduate degree in any stream. Some colleges may also ask for some work experience.


Generally, more affordable

Generally, less affordable


Rigid, due to involvement of the University



Two to three years

One to two years

Controller of Examination


Institute itself

Entrance Examination

Generally, through state level university examination.

Generally, on the basis of minimum eligibility that requires atleast under graduation.

Available Modes Full-Time, Part-Time and distance learning Full-Time, Part-Time and distance learning

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I m a MBA graduate. I want to do PGPM. Please help me out whether I can take up distance learning with college details??

I am doing MBA with pgpm one of good clear in Bangalore what are the main highlight of pgpm in building my career

Which college...jain?

Thank u for clearin the picture, one more question, if a c;g is offering both pgpm and mba then whichshould one go for

Excellent explaination regarding MBA and PGPM difference.

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