Difference between Nail tips and Acrylic nails

Key difference: A nail tip is the front dorsal part of the nail, while an acrylic nail is an artificial form of a whole nail.

Nail tips are the front dorsal part of any nail. They are a part of natural nails, which are decorated with color nail paints, gel nail paints, nail polishes and with different designs. Nail tips are part of the natural nails, which are generally observed when a nail is fully grown.

Especially girls grow their nails long, in order to decorate them with fancy designs and decorations. These types of nails represent a fancy look on an individual, representing the beauty of nails. Designed and proper nails make your hands look fashionable. The nail tips are probably grown by taking precious care. They are generally cleaned and decorated in beauty parlors.

Acrylic nails are artificial full nails, which are especially used by girls. They are a type of glue-on nails which gives a lengthy and fashionable look to the fingers. These types of nails are strong and long lasting. They are prepared with the combination of appropriate amount of chemicals and acids.

Acrylic nails are prepared by the technicians, who cut, file and roughen up the surface of the nails with an emery board (a technique that helps the acrylic to adhere into the nail bed). The artificial tips are then glued to the tips of natural nails. Afterwards, they are cut and shaped to the desired size. The acrylic is applied with a small brush, which is first dipped into a liquid monomer and then to a powder polymer. This creates a small “ball” of acrylic product, which is afterwards applied to each nail bed and pressed into place.

Comparison between Nail tips and Acrylic nails:


Nail tips

Acrylic nails

What are they?

They are a part of the natural form of nails.

They are artificially full grown nails.


They comprise of the front dorsal part of a nail.

They are full nails.


They have natural form.

They are prepared with chemicals.


There is no such purpose of a nail tip.

They add beauty and fashion to the fingers and hands.

Image Courtesy: hawley.net.au, shebanails.com

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