Difference between Parents and Guardians

Key Difference: A parent is a person who cares for their child and gives shelter, nourishment, and most importantly love without expecting anything in return. Guardians are those who get legal authority that is created when the parents of a child cannot take care of him or a child decides to choose a guardian for himself.

Parents and Guardians equally play a vital role in supporting and providing children valuable information. They counsel and help them make the most of the opportunities offered in their life.

Parents are none other than the male and female who is a caretaker of their own species; who is as a father or a mother of their child. A parent is derived from the Greek word ‘parens’. They are the one, who are always there to protect their child, teach them good habits, guide them whenever they are not on the right track; and there are uncountable things that parents do for their children. A parent is the word, which does not need any explanation. A child feels complete with their warm hug and blessings.

Guardians are those who get legal authority that is created when the parents of a minor cannot take care of him or decide to choose a guardian for him. Generally, this happens when there is a parent-child issue. They get the authority to take care of a child as their own kid. Guardians can also be designated by the parents. A person who is designated for some activities, with limited powers of a ward is also known as a special guardian.

Comparison between Parents and Guardians:





A parent is a one who gives their child everything or anything they want.

A Guardian is someone who takes cares of the child and is responsible for their each and every activity.


Parents automatically have legal authority for their own child.

Guardians need legal authority to take care of a child.

Decision making

Parents can take any decision for their children.

Guardians have a limited range of decision-making.


Parents are more far-reaching.

Guardianship has a limited scope.


  • Her parents were divorced within a year of his return.
  • He has motivated school, parents and the general public all this while.
  • His parents are his biggest supporters.
  • If you didn’t get the e-mail, your guardian can send it to this link.
  • He protested that the guardians he chose did not run their tasks as asked.
  • It was there that the poor law guardians began to enforce administration of the poor law.

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