Difference between Pulsar 150 and CBZ Xtreme

Key Difference: Pulsar 150 is a model of motorcycle by the company named as Bajaj Auto. CBZ Xtreme is a 150 cc motorcycle from the company named as Hero Honda Motors. They both vary in various specifications. Bujaj pulsar is admired for its appearance and excellent power, whereas hero Honda Xtreme can be admired for its new edge technology and features like LED tail lamp, tuff up tubes, etc.

Currently, Pulsar 150 is equipped with the patented technologies like DTS-I and Exhausttec of the company. It is one of the five variants of the Pulsar model. The original Pulsar had the 150 cc air cooled, single cylinder, petrol and spark ignited four stroke engine. Since then, the model has gone through various upgradations.

In 2005, the power output was increased to 13.5 hp (10.1 kW) @ 8500 rpm for the 150 cc model. In 2009, the fourth upgraded version of the Pulsar was released. It included an all black theme and tank scoops that were similar to those of Pulsar 200. In 2010, the company launched its UG 4.5 version. It included a clip on handlebars in the machine.

CBZ Xtreme is a 150 cc motorcycle launched in India, from the company named as Hero Honda Motors. It is a successor of Hero Honda CBZ. This bike was introduced in the year 2008. It is equipped with an air cooled, 4 stroke engine cylinder OHC. CBZ is special as it was the first 150 cc motorcycle. CBZ Xtreme was launched in the fall of 2007.


This bike was less similar to the earlier bikes. In 2008, it underwent several changes. Hero Honda added various graph features and also colored the rear shockers. It also provided the option to have a red colored alloy wheel.

Some of the differences between the two are listed below:-


pulsar 150-dtsi

CBZ Xtreme


Type: 4-stroke, DTS-I, air cooled, single cylinder

Displacement: 149.01 cc. Max Power: 15.06 @ 9000 (Ps @ RPM) Max. Torque: 12.5 @ 6500 (Nm @ RPM)

Type: Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder OHC

Displacement: 149.2 cc. Max Power: 10.6 KW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500 rpm Max. Torque: 10.6 KW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500 rpm


Front: 260 mm Disc

Rear: 130 mm Drum


Front: 240 mm Disc

Rear: 220 mm Disc



Tube Type

Comparatively more


Length (mm): 2055

Width (mm): 755

Height (mm): 1170


Length (mm): 2080

Width (mm): 765

Height (mm): 1145



Front: Telescopic, with anti-friction bush

Rear: 5 way adjustable, Nitrox shock absorber

Front: Telescopic hydraulic type

Rear: Rectangular swing arm with 5 step adjustable gas reservoir suspension

Tank Capacity (Reserve)

15 (3.2) L

12.3 (1.5) L


35/35 W with 2 pilot lamps

12 V -35 WI 35W – Halogen bulb – Trapezoidal

Ground Clearance

165 mm

145 mm

Ex-showroom Price 2013 (India)

68,400 Rupees approx.

72,300 Rupees approx.

Top speed

118 kmph

110 kmph

Digital Display



Mileage (KMPL)



Image Courtesy: bajajauto.com, surfindia.com

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