Difference between Tuxedo and Blazer

Key difference: A tuxedo is a formal suit, whereas a blazer is a just a jacket or a coat one wears with jeans or pants.

Blazers and Tuxedoes are both the formal wear for men. This article differentiates between the two forms of attire.

A tuxedo, aka tux, is a dinner suit or dinner jacket for a formal evening. It is easily distinguished by the primary satin facings on the jacket's lapels and the buttons, and a similar stripe on the outer-seam of the trousers. This suit is typically black in color, and is commonly worn with a formal shirt and shoes; there are other accessories used as well. 

Tuxedos are considered to be more flamboyant affairs; they are worn for semi-formal evenings. They can be worn with different types of accessories such as cuff links or studs for the shirts, vests, pocket squares and bow-ties, etc. Also, cummerbunds or waist coats are de’riguer with a tuxedo. The attire is completed with shiny leather patent shoes. Tuxedos have a touch of silk and are wore on occasions such as prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies, etc.

A blazer is a type of jacket, which resembles a suit. The coat is cut in a casual manner, and has metal buttons embedded on it. It is usually durable, which makes it a great outdoor jacket.

As a blazer is just a jacket, it worn more casually. It is widely used as a uniform garment in airlines, schools, yachting and rowing clubs. A blazer is sometimes used as a synonym for a sports jacket or a boating jacket, however they can also easily be distinguished based on their fabrics and color. A blazer is said to resemble a suit with metal buttons and patch pockets, and is generally worn with clothes like open-necked polo shirts or a shirt and a tie. The double breasted and the classic navy blue jacket with buttons are the most popular types of jackets, and are widely wore by fashion savvy men. Also, they are popular in the United Kingdom and North America as business meetings suits.

Comparison between Tuxedo and Blazer:





A tuxedo, aka tux, is a dinner suit or dinner jacket for a formal evening.

It is simply a jacket; it is used as a synonym for sports jacket or boats jacket.


It is a formal suit.

It is a casual dress.


It is ideal for semi-formal occasions.

It is ideal for casual occasions.


It is usually available in black or white.

It is available in many colors; navy blue is more popular.


It is worn with cufflinks, studs, or a vest, etc.

It has metal buttons and patched pockets.

Bow, or tie

Only a bow is born with a tux.

Tie can be worn with a jacket.

Jacket Lapels

They are covered in satin material.

It may be made of same material as rest of the jacket.


The shirts are pleated in the front and are worn with accessories.

It is worn with open-necked polo shirts or a simple shirt.


The pants feature a matching satin stripe on the outer leg of the pants.

Casual jeans or formals pants can be worn.


It is suitable for semi formal evening events like prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies.

It is suitable for occasions such as outdoor meetings, casual outings, etc.

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