Difference between Nursery and Lower Kindergarten

Key difference: Both Nursery and Lower Kindergarten are forms of elementary education. They differ due to the age group of children that they take in, and the academic curriculum they follow.

A nursery is the first step of schooling that a child has to take on his road to formal education. Nurseries generally admit children who are three years of age. The ambience at an educational institution like nursery would be new to a child, which is why ample measures are taken by nurseries to make a child feel at ease. Although the purpose of a nursery is to impart education, it is found that their style of teaching is not education oriented. Instead, nurseries focus on making children learn while they play, as this act instills in them personality traits like curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

Lower kindergarten is the preliminary stage that a child has to undergo, in order to progress towards the completion of his kindergarten education. Essentially, kindergarten education is divided into lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten. For a child, lower kindergarten is absolutely indispensable, as it forms the base of the education that a child will receive during upper kindergarten. Most of the activities in lower kindergarten are dictated by the academic curriculum, but they are so devised that they feel like an extension of the lessons taught in nursery. In a nutshell, lower kindergarten acts as a preparation for upper kindergarten.

Comparison between Nursery and Lower Kindergarten:



Lower Kindergarten

Age group

For children up to 3 years

For children up to 3 to 5 years

Followed by

Lower Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten

Teaching method




Developing the reading and phonetic skills of a child

Teaching basic concepts to be learnt in detail, in upper kindergarten

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