Difference between Daycare and Dayhome

Key difference: Daycare is an establishment where children are taken care of during work hours, in absence of their parents/guardians. Day home is essentially daycare, with the only difference being that day home is usually carried out at the provider’s residence.

Daycare centers have proved to be a blessing for working parents/guardians who want to ensure that their child is looked after well, when they’re busy doing their jobs. Along with taking care of children, daycare institutions also teach children the fundamentals of school education. They also make it a point to instill confidence in the young students and groom them in the matters of behavior and discipline. Most daycare centers operate from secluded premises. Daycare centers are also well inspected and regulated by government authorities from time to time. A daycare institution can only commence operation, once it has been licensed by the state.

Dayhome in essence, is almost the same as daycare. The points of difference between the two lie in their place of operation and the number of participating members. Day home basically means the act of a professional childcare provider looking after a child at his/her own residence. Normally, parents/guardians drop off their kids at the provider’s home in the morning, and collect them back in the evening when they return from work. Day home providers are those professionals who’re mentored in the subject of childcare and hold expertise in it. Unlike a daycare center, which is responsible for a bunch of children, day home providers generally choose to look after as few kids as possible.

Comparison between Daycare and Dayhome:




Place of operation

Daycare center or at times at the child’s residence

Mostly at the residence of the provider


Daycare centers have a number of caretakers as their staff

Usually the provider is the only caretaker

Scale of operation

Daycare centers have bigger budgets and operate on a larger scale than day homes

Day homes are very limited in their budget as compared to a daycare center

Number of children

Daycare centers are used to providing care and safety to a bunch of children

Day home providers usually look after a very number of children

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