Difference between Full Bed and Queen Bed

Key Difference: Full bed refers to a bed for relaxing or sleeping, that measures 54” x 75”. Whereas, queen bed also refers to a bed for relaxing, resting and sleeping, but that measures 60” x 80”.

A bed is a piece of furniture, usually flat and soft, and is used to sleep or to relax. Uncountable time is spent in a bed for those who want to relax, gossip, chat, or rest. There are varieties of beds like king bed, double bed, twin bed, etc. However, currently the main focus is on the terms, full bed and queen bed, which has a great difference between each other.

Full bed was once the standard or most popular sized bed. It is sometimes referred to as a double or standard bed. Couples also use it to be intimate. It is a piece of furniture that provides a place to relax or sleep. If a family or 3 to 4 friends had gone on a vacation, the hotel will offer them full size beds, depending on the size of the room.

Queen Slate Faux Linen Bed F9263 by Poundex

A queen bed is 6 inches wider than a full bed (60 inches wide x 80 inches long) and is 5” longer than a full bed. The extra width and length can make all the difference in getting a good sleep. The major difference between the full bed and the queen bed is in the frame of the bed.

A queen bed works best for the guest rooms and small master bedrooms and is a best choice for couples, friends or families who like to spend time together on the bed.

Comparison between Full Beds and Queen Beds:


Full Beds

Queen Beds


54" x 75"

60" x 80"

Better for

One adult

Two adults


Sheets are less expensive

Sheets are more expensive than full bed

Width per person

27” (if two people are sharing)

30” (if two people are sharing)


It is just a rectangular box

It requires a centre leg support


It is too narrow for some people

It is wider compare to full bed

Image Courtesy: bigskyvacationcondo.com, mypriceforyou.com

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