Difference between Creche and Daycare

Key difference: A crèche and daycare both are synonymous terms used interchangeably to denote an institution that takes care of those children during daytime, whose parents are out for work and can’t look after them as a result.

 We live in times where price inflations are running riots across countries and households can’t seem to survive without multiple breadwinners. Consequently, people are suffering from scarcity of time, to carry out even the most important of their responsibilities. One such responsibility for parents is taking care of their children, which is not possible if a parent is single and incumbent, or when both parents are working individuals. This is where facilities like daycare or crèche come in.

 These institutions very well understand the predicament faced by such parents and offer to help them by taking care of their children, while they’re busy working. Some of these organizations work as non-profit organizations, who charge no fees for looking after children in the absence of their parents. Together with minding the children, these establishments also provide the option of educating children while they’re at such a facility. Though there is no prescribed age group for admittance in such centers, crèches or daycares generally take in children who’re up to twelve or thirteen years of age.

Comparison between Crèche and Daycare:




To take care of children I the absence of their parents


Babysitting, nanny care etc.


A child may or may not be educated at such an establishment


  • Develops social skills in a child
  • Encourages interaction and activity
  • Children gain a lot of exposure
  • A child learns to stay away from his/her parents
  • A child becomes aware of his personality
  • Allows parents to concentrate on their work
  • Ensures safety of children

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