Difference between UGGS and Boots

Key difference: UGGS and Boots are a type of shoes that are generally worn during winter. The difference between the two is based on their price, types, comfort and the brand name.

Shoes, these are one thing that can never be enough in a women’s closet. And, boots are something that never goes out of style. No matter, if it is winter, summer or spring, they work in all seasons, and are the all time favorites. And, if the boots are of a particular brand, named UGGS, they create a big fashion statement around the fashion police.

Now, similar in their design, appearance and color, one might not be tell to the difference between a pair of UGGS and a pair of boots. But, with the right knowledge of their raw materials, types, price and soles, the differences are quite easy to understand. Boots are a type of specific shoe that are mainly used to cover the entire foot, leg and ankles, whereas UGGs are a brand name that make shoes similar to boots.

Traditionally, boots are made up of a single piece of leather or rubber, simply to prevent the entry of water, snow, mud or dirt through gaps between the laces and tongue found in the shoe. Also, boots are designed for walking through the closely knitted materials.

UGGS, on the other hand, are made up of sheepskin material. It is typically made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole on the outside of the shoe. This footwear originated from Australia, and was initially worn for warmth. Also, UGGS are a type of boots.

A very prominent difference is that boots have a heel at a very clear height form the rest of the sole, whereas UGGS have similar sole throughout with no heel. Also, boots help in covering the entire ankle, knee and the entire leg. While, UGGS are only avaible in ankle length sizes. Also, most boots are laced up from the material they are made of. Another difference is that normally socks are worn with boots to prevent chafes and blisters, to absorb sweat, and to improve the foot's grip inside the boot. While, UGGS can be worn barefoot because of the natural isolative properties of sheepskin, that allows the air to circulate and keeps the feet at body temperature. 

Both, UGGS and boots, being similar types of shoes are related in their uses too. Also, there are variety of UGGS and boots available. There are special boots designed for many different types of sports such as riding, skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, etc. on the other hand, UGGS are widely used as comfortable and warm footwear. Both being popular and fashionable footwear are large available in different styles and colors. Though, UGGS are preferred in their classic ‘rounded, almost shapeless uppers’ design, while army boots are a trending choice.

Comparison between Uggs and Boots:








Brian Smith

Was influenced by the heeled cowboy boots.


It is type of boot.

There are many types of boots.

Made of

It is made of sheepskin material.

It is made of leather or rubber.


It is more comfortable.

It is less comfortable than uggs.


It is very expensive because of the material.

It is less expensive.

Image Courtesy: sodahead.com, newboots5815.com

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