Difference Between Evil and Devil

 Key Difference:The word evil and devil are almost interchangeable,closely related in their meaning and usage. If you portray somebody as underhanded, you imply that they are evil essentially and enjoy doing things that hurt other individuals. While devil implies a poorly natured or brutal individual. When talking about the word devil,it is the personified with wickedness while evil is the state of being wicked.Talking about opposites where angels or God is the opposite of devil while good is the antonym of evil. 

Evil"Evil" originated from the Old English word, "yfel" which signifies "wicked", "horrible", or "awful". It is generally comprehended as the absence of goodness. In any case, this is an extremely wide idea with abstract translations. With respect to being improper or ignoring God's laws. For instance, insidious deeds are those that conflict with the idea of God. From a psychological perspective, evil implies being cruel and having a huge absence of sympathy. For example, exploitative practices like those of sequential executioners, attackers, and dishonest human examinations display no respect for other people. Numerous specialists state that "evil" conduct is frequently brought about by a multifaceted mix of childhood encounter, neurological elements, culture,and/or cognitive patterns.

"Devil" originated from the Greek word "diaballein" which is interpreted as "to defame" or "to assault" and usually utilized as the general exemplification of evil. For example, if someone is termed as "the devil" there are chances that the person shows signs of consistent cruelty. This word is additionally comprehended as the highest spirit of wickedness. It is then the adversary of God as it represents everything which conflicts with goodness."Devil

It is believed that all evil begins from the devil.Devil was initially one of Gods most trustworthy and important angels. However, his insatiable desire for power and beauty  made him oppose God. The devil wanted to take the position of god.In addition to other things, he did this by affirming to a totally new way of life. He started to be concerned fundamentally with himself instead of with the benefit of other people and by scrutinizing the character of God, in addition to other things by guaranteeing that God was temperamental, a traitor.

The difference between evil and devil is as follows:





The state of being wicked.

Personification of wickedness.



God or Angle

Functions as

An adjective, a noun, or an adverb



Old English word, “yfel” which means “wicked”, “vicious” or “bad.”

Greek word “diaballein” which is translated as “to slander” or “to attack”

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