Difference between Bed Sheet and Bed Cover

Key Difference: A bed sheet is a piece of linen or cloth that is used to cover the mattress and is the sheet that the person directly lies on. Bed cover is a covering for the bed and can be a sheet, comforter, blanket or quilt.

Bed sheet and bed covers are two types of coverings that are used to dress a bed. If you have ever seen movies or visit a hotel, you have seen that a bed has multiple layers which are to be removed when sleep in it. Bed sheet and bed cover are coverings that are often confusing for many people.

A bed sheet is a piece of linen or cloth that is used to cover the mattress. It is placed directly on the mattress and the sheet which a directly person lies on. The term bed sheet was first used in the 15th century. In some countries a person places two sheets on the bed, one that is fitted placed on the mattress and one a simple sheet that is laid on top of the fitted sheet. The person then sleeps between the two sheets followed by blankets or comforters. Bed sheets are made by fibers such as cotton, linen, satin, silk, rayon, bamboo fiber. When the bed is not made, the bed has four or five layers of sheets that are used to directly protect the mattress and the comforter. There is a fitted sheet, a top sheet, followed by a blanket or a comforter and a bed cover.

The bed cover is a sheet that is used to cover the bed when a person is not sleeping in it. It can sometimes be made of a quilt, comforter or a blanket, depending on the place where you are using it. The bed cover’s purpose is to protect the mattress directly and can even be used as a comforter to cover one’s self in the night. Bed covers are also used for decorative purposes to give the bed a more aesthetic appeal. Some covers can be used, such as the comforter or quilt mentioned above, while others are removed prior to sleeping in the bed. Some people also use the second sheet with the fitted sheet above the comforter or quilt as a bed cover, which can be removed when sleeping. The covering of bed depends on the person who is making it.

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