Difference between City and Town

Key Difference: A city is a large and permanent settlement covering a significant area of land. Town is a human settlement that is bigger than a village but smaller than a city. The requirements for a town to be considered as a city vary country to country.

The terms ‘city’ and ‘town’ are often confusing for many people as there is not official demarcation of what defines a city and what defines a town. While, many places state that a town and a city are the same, with the only distinction being a piece of paper from the mayor or a governmental office. However, in other places a city requires its own set of administrative offices and churches to be considered as a city. The difference between the two varies from country to country.

A city is a large and permanent settlement. It covers a significant area of land that has a shared historical background. Cities may have a particular administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law. Cities usually have their own court systems, law enforcement, fire departments, sanitation services and medical care centers. The chief executive of a city is the Mayor. A city council is a legislative body composed of nine council members. Geographically, the largest city in the world is Tokyo, Japan, while the largest city in the United States is Los Angeles, California.

A town is considered a human settlement that is bigger than a village, but smaller than a city. Towns are established based on their size and population. The different size required for a town to be considered as a city differs depending on the country. For example, many small towns in the United States would be considered as villages in the UK, while many cities would be considered as towns. In UK, in order for a town to be considered as a city, it must have a cathedral. According to Wikipedia, “The word town shares an origin with the German word ‘Zaun’, the Dutch word ‘tuin’, and the Old Norse ‘tun’. The German word ‘Zaun’ comes closest to the original meaning of the word: “a fence of any material.””

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