Difference between Crèche and Kindergarten

Key difference: A crèche means an institution where working parents drop off their children to be taken care of. Kindergarten is an educational establishment wherein children are taught the fundamentals of school education.

Since their advent, crèches have become more and more popular, especially among working parents, who don’t have enough time to take proper care of their children. These institutions not only pledge safety and security of children, but also ensure that they’re relaxed and in a happy state of mind. Crèches or childcares usually last for a whole day, until the parent or legal guardian of the child returns from his/her work. At such a facility, children are expected to be fed properly, along with being indulged in play activities, or even get educated in the basics of some elementary subjects.

A kindergarten denotes an educational body that prepares children for further education. The basic premise of a kindergarten is to make a child conversant with elementary concepts, which he/she would encounter in his/her higher studies. Kindergartens are also known to embrace some innovative and fun techniques of teaching children, which help them grasp lessons easily and quickly. While a childcare or daycare institution functions throughout the day, a kindergarten operates only for few hours a day. Kindergartens admit children who’re five to six years of age.

Comparison between Crèche and Kindergarten:





To look after the children

To educate the children


Well-being of children

Preparing children for school

Age group

From preschool to school age

Usually 5 – 6 years


For a whole day

Only for few hours


Costly, as it involves various activities

Normally less expensive as compared to crèche

Image Courtesy: children-families.org, gallantlearning.com

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