Difference between Cute and Pretty

Key difference: The word cute relates to real charm and attractiveness whereas, pretty refers to real beauty.

According to Macmillan Dictionary, the word ‘cute’ means: “attractive, usually small, and easy to like”.

Cute reflects the charm and innocence of a being. It is used to cherish someone, who is really fascinating and attractive in features. It is also used in many ways to appreciate, endure and express feelings regarding love and other emotions. Generally, they are used for kids, as their features attract most people. In the real manner, it is just pure beauty with sweetness and kindness. In fact, it is not necessary that cute person must have highly attractive features with splendid beauty; however, purity, sweetness and simplicity is the criteria of calling a person “cute”.

According to Macmillan Dictionary, the word ‘pretty’ means: “fairly”.

Pretty is something which makes someone feel good looking at the first attempt. It is a word which expresses someone's feeling that “everything will be all right”. It reflects the saying that the front person is satisfied with the content presented to him. It is also used to describe a compliment to the facial features beauty or the charm that a person possesses. This word is used as an alternative to “Beautiful”, but in most cases for women only. For a person to be pretty, does not mean that she will be really beautiful, but it relates with the inner specified beauty.

Comparison between Cute and Pretty:




General definition

“attractive in a pretty or endearing way”.

“attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful”.


It is generally used in context of small kids, babies, and children.

It is generally used in context of girls and women appearances.

Also used in context of

It also deals with the context of clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way.

It deals in context to the inner appreciable qualities.


endearing, adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing, engaging, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, charming, enchanting, and etc.

attractive, lovely, good-looking, nice-looking, fetching, prepossessing, appealing, charming, delightful, nice, engaging, pleasing; darling, sweet, dear, adorable, lovable; winning, winsome, cute, as pretty as a picture, dainty, graceful; handsome, well favored, personable, and etc.


A picture of a cute baby

A pretty girl

Image Courtesy: planetfear.blogspot.com, dollcloset.com

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