Difference between Dog and Doggy

Key Difference: Dog and Doggy differ drastically. Depending on the adult size of each puppy, growth curves also will differ significantly. Dogs are basically large dogs, whereas doggies are basically small sized dogs.

Dogs and Doggy are classified in the class ‘mammalia’ and order Carnivora in the animala kingdom. They belong to Canidae family.

Dogs are used for both their domesticated and untamed capabilities, and they are mainly popular due their hard work, versatile skills and cleverness. Dogs have physically powerful, complex bodies with powerful muscles and sharp claws. Essentially, there is no actual difference between the terms 'dog' and 'doggy', the term doogy is just a cuter way to refer to dogs. In the normal usage, doggy usually refers to small dogs like toy poddle, shih tzu, etc. They are cuter to look at then say big dogs such as German shepherds or great Danes. However, this is mainly personal preference.

As dogs and doggies refer to the same thing, there is no difference in their behavior, diet, features, etc. They will only differ because of the different breeds. They are trained, developed and handled in a similar manner. The only difference between both the terms is that dog refers to huge or big dogs, whereas doggy refers to small sized adult dogs. Doggy can also sometimes refer to a puppy.

Larger dogs are prone to health troubles such as bloat, hip dysplasia and, depending on the shape of their faces, drooling. Doggies, especially toy breeds, are prone to premature tooth loss, hypoglycemia and congestive heart failure. It also takes fewer amounts of toxic matter like chocolate or antifreeze in order to kill them. On the other hand, doggies have a longer life span than larger breeds. For example, dogs weighing more than 80 pounds are old by the time they are 6, while a dog less than 15 pounds isn't considered old until he or she reaches 11.

People often relate Doggy with Puppy, where Puppy refers to the dog quickly after birth, doggy refers to small dogs. Doggies can refer to small sized dogs like affenpinscher, Shiba Inu, bull dog etc. Whereas, dogs can refer to big sized dogs such as boxer, rottweiler, etc.

Comparison between Dog and Doggy:




Actual difference

Large dogs

Small sized dogs

Basic breed difference

Large strong jaw, teeth are proportional compared to jaw, lower energy requirement, short digestive system relative to body size, long digestive transit time, etc.

Small fragile jaw, teeth are large compared to jaw, long digestive system relative to body size, short digestive transit time, higher energy requirement, etc.

Health problems

Dogs usually face health problems such as boat, hip dysplasia, etc.

Doggy usually face less health problems as compared to dogs. Toy breeds, are prone to premature tooth loss, hypoglycemia and congestive heart failure.


56 to 99 lb

22 to 55 lb

Body grows (months)

Dogs reach their final body confirmation between 22-24 months.

Doggies reach their final body conformation between 8-10 months.

Image Courtesy: corleydogtraining.co.uk, 1800petmeds.com

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