Difference between Full Bed and Double Bed

Key Difference: Full Bed and Double Bed are terms for the same size bed. There is no difference between both the terms. A full bed refers to a bed for relaxing or sleeping that measures 54”x75”. On the other hand, a double bed is another name for a full bed that is wide enough to accommodate two sleepers.

Today, bed is the most needed furniture for a person. Everybody have a bed in their home, either it is a middle class or a higher class family. It is not necessary that one should have a double bed or full size bed. It can be a single size bed, twin bed, queen bed, etc. However, currently the main focus is on full bed and double bed. There is no difference between both terms.

Full bed was once the standard or most popular size bed. It is sometimes referred to as a double, full or standard bed. Couples also use it to be intimate.

TheFreeDictionary.com defines ‘Double Bed’ as ‘a bed large enough for two adults’. It is a piece of furniture that provides a place to rest, relax or sleep. If a family or 3 to 4 friends had gone on a vacation, the hotel will offer them double beds, depending on the size of the room.

Double or Full beds are 15" wider than twin sized beds, but if two share the double/full bed, each has only 27" of personal space. The standard bed size for a full bed or a double bed is 54” in × 75” that is 137 cm × 191 cm. Until the 1960’s, they were the most common for two to sleep.

The Pros and Cons for full beds and double beds are:



Fits into smaller rooms

It is too narrow for some people

Sheets are less expensive

2 adults don’t get as much space as one requires

Might be right for a single sleeper who is under 5’5” tall

Too short as well


Adults or tall child may not feel comfortable

Image Courtesy: cardis.com, mumbai.olx.in

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