Difference between Jogging, Running and Sprinting

Key Difference: Jogging is a type of aerobic activity. Generally, It is defined as a low-intesity or low paced activity. Running is also an aerobic activity but is of higher intensity than in comparison to jogging. Sprinting is running at the fastest possible speed over a short distance. Thus, it tends to be the highest in context to intensity. All three of them have their own sets of advantages. Broadly, jogging and sprinting are considered as just two different styles of running. Sometimes, running and jogging may also be used interchangeably.

Jogging, running and sprinting are interrelated to each other. However, there are subtle differences between them, and that is mostly in context to the pace. Technically, jogging is defined by a pace of less than 6 mph. On the other hand, running is anything faster than jogging. There is no specific defined pace for sprinting, as it involves the maximum pace which can be acquired by one. Sprinting in this sense also becomes a member of running. However, running is not dependent on the distance covered. Sprinting has a connection with the distance covered factor. It deals only with short distances.

In simple words, jogging is running slowly. It is also known as easy aerobic running. It is an effective activity when one needs to burn calories over a longer period of time. The pace or state remains steady in jogging, which means that  mostly the jogger runs at the same pace throughout the exercise.

Running is basically defined by a faster pace than jogging. Due to this subtle difference, the muscles activate differently in jogging and running. It requires more efforts than just jogging. For calorie burning, running is considered to be better than jogging. In running, feet touch the ground more often than in comparison to jogging.

Sprinting is running with a great intensity but over a short distance. The results of sprinting are fast. It increases the metabolism. The main advantage of sprinting is that it works against the fats but not against the lean muscle mass.

Thus, mainly on the basis of difference in pace jogging, running and sprinting are differentiated. Jogging with the lowest pace tends to show results over some period of time. Sprinting is known for instant results. Running tends to be a better calorie burner than in comparison to jogging.

Comparison between Jogging, Running and Sprinting:






Jogging is a low intensity but long duration type of aerobic activity.

Running is a medium paced intensity type of aerobic activity.

Sprinting is running at the best possible speed over a short distance. It is also an aerobic activity but with the highest intensity in comparison to jogging and running.


  • It doest not tire body as compared to running or sprinting
  • It is a solid option for weight loss
  • It can also enhance  High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol
  • It is a cardiovascular exercise
  • Helps in prevention from diabetes
  • For calorie buning, running is regarded to be better than jogging
  • It is an effective workout for heart muscles
  • Running regularly can also make bones stronger
  • Studies have revealed that it also helps in sleeping at night and for a longer time
  • It heightens the metabolism
  • It promotes lean muscle mass and bone density
  • It attacks on fat cells
  • Gives you time for other activities
  • The acceleration developed by sprinting is a benefit to most sports

Preferred time

Generally, recommended to be done in early morning

Generally, recommended for evening or morning. It can also be done during a gym session.

Generally, sprinting is adviced for early in the morning.

Image Courtesy: trackingdavis.com, womenshealthmag.com, 50plusfinance.com

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