Difference between Kindle and Tablet

Key Difference: A Kindle is a device which allows one to download books and read them. On the other hand, a Tablet can be used for various purposes. It is a gadget where one gets millions of apps, music, books to read, etc.

Both Kindle and Tablet are used for similar purposes, but there are also many differences between them.

Kindle started out as E-book readers. It is an easy way for readers to carry a number of books with them in one, small mini thing. An e-book reader is essentially a mobile electronic device whose main use is for reading digital e-books and periodicals. The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers designed and marketed by Amazon.com. The first version of the Kindle was released in 2007. The word Kindle referred to ‘kindling a fire’. The Kindle first started out as an e-reader, and then eventually developed into a tablet.

There are different varieties of the Amazon Kindle. It includes eight devices such as Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite 3G, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire Tablet, Kindle Fire HD Tablet, Kindle Fire HD 8.9” Tablet, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9” 4G Tablet. Each device offers a range of services, ranging from the traditional e-reader to HD tablets with 3G and/or 4G compatibility.

Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite 3G, and Kindle Keyboard are e-reader, which feature the electronic paper technology. The electronic paper, also called e-paper looks like traditional paper and has several advantages, such as better readability, less glare, etc. Whereas, Kindle Fire Tablet, Kindle Fire HD Tablet, Kindle Fire HD 8.9” Tablet, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9” 4G Tablet are tablets, which feature LED screens.

Tablets are to some extent a cross between smartphones and laptops. They tend to have a bigger screen than smartphones and are mainly able to do everything that a smartphone can, except making calls and sending SMS. There are also some applications that only run in tablets and not in smartphones. Tablets are built to provide a rich multimedia experience and allow a user to have more computational capabilities.

The first tablet was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It was an iPad, a new device that led to the rise of tablets. The main feature of a tablet is portability. These devices are very flexible to use. The screens of tablets measure between 7 – 10.5 inches. They have a large internal memory. Tablets are mainly used for multimedia, watching videos, reading e-books, and surfing the internet. They feature a full virtual keyboard which is useful for online chatting, social networking and sending emails.

Comparison between Kindle and Tablet:





A Kindle is an electronic gadget or device that is used to download e-books.

A Tablet is a mixture of smartphone and laptop.


One can download thousand of books, magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Tablet is more than Kindle. One can surf the net, take pictures, chat with friends, send and receive emails, as well as use it as an e-Book reader.


The purpose of buying Kindle is for flexibility. One can carry thousands of books in one mini device.

Tablet is like a mini computer. The purpose of buying Tablet is to carry it anywhere, whether for official purpose or daily usage.

Helpful for

A Kindle is mostly purchased by those people who are very fond reading.

A Tablet is mostly purchased by those people who need to regularly surf on internet and do some official work in a office suite, send some e-mails, make some presentations, etc.


Mostly 6 inch

Ranges from 7 to 10.5 inch


There are no wireless connectivity with the Kindle gadget.

There can be wireless connectivity with other devices too.


Books can be difficult to handle but the Kindle is lightweight and one can turn pages by pressing buttons located on either side of the device or by tapping on the screen itself, making it more comfortable for a layman.

Carrying a PC is impossible, and carrying a laptop can be little tiring for a person to travel from one place to another. At this time, Tablets are famous for their larger screens and easier web surfing, social networking and video watching capabilities.

Image Courtesy: israellycool.com, techhive.com

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