Difference between Men and Women Shoes

Key difference:  Men and Women shoes are the basic footwear, which they use in order to protect foots. Men and Women shoes differ in their size; that is the size of men’s shoe is broader than that of women’s.

There are varieties of footwear that are categorized according to the gender, and they are commonly available in the market. Basically, a shoe is a type of footwear, which is intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing several activities. Now, according to the changing trend, there are various types of fashionable shoes available in the market, for both men and women. Traditionally, shoes were made from leather, wood or canvas, but in today’s era they are increasingly made of rubber, plastics, and other petrochemical-derived materials. In the market, the shoes available are men’s shoes and women’s shoes, as they differ mainly according to the gender.

In comparison to the women’s shoes, the men’s shoes are larger. In order to reflect this, the size specification of men's and women's shoes differ by 1.5 inch and two-widths , that is, the same size of shoe in men's shoe size will be 10, whereas in the women's shoe size it would be 11.5.

Men’s shoes are manufactured by several companies around the world. Countries like England, France, Italy, and America are famous for their productions. These are designed according to the men’s emotions and types. They can be easily compartmented and they do not have many derivations inbetween. A simple shoe design can be done with pencil and paper. Common factors to consider when designing a men's shoe include the style, color, materials and the heel. These parts are arranged properly according to the prescribed design and than the shoes are made. The Men's shoes can also be decorated in various ways by using the Plain-toes, Cap-toes and Brogues (American: wing-tips).

In the market, the various types of Men’s shoe are:

  • Oxfords (also referred as "Balmorals"): the vamp has a V-shaped slit to which the laces are attached; also known as "closed lacing".
  • Derby shoe: the laces are tied to two pieces of leather independently attached to the vamp; also known as "open lacing"
  • Monk-straps: a buckle and strap instead of lacing
  • Slip-ons: there are no lacings or fastenings in these shoes.

Women’s shoes unlike men’s shoes are also available in various types in the market. Designing a women’s shoe is an exciting task, because they play a vital role in a woman’s personality or appearance. The basic component required for designing a woman’s shoe are heel heights, colors, patterns and fabrics. Women’s shoe consists of many derivations and styles. They are used in a standard amount and accordingly arranged and made to comfort the feet of a woman. With some imagination and a few key style choices, the designers design the shoes for women that are distinctive, beautiful and desirable.

Some broad women shoe categories are:

  • High-heeled footwear: these are footwear that raises the heels, typically 2 inches (5 cm) or more above the toes, commonly worn by women for formal occasions or social outings. Other includes the kitten heels (typically 1½-2 inches high), stilletto heels (with a very narrow heel post) and wedge heels (with a wedge-shaped sole rather than a heel post).
  • Mules: these are shoes or slippers with no fitting around the heel (i.e. they are backless)
  • Slingbacks: they are shoes which are secured by a strap behind the heel, rather than over the top of the foot.
  • Ballet flats (in UK as ballerinas): they are ballet pumps or skimmers, shoes with a very low heel and a relatively short vamp, exposing much of the instep. They are popular for warm-weather wear.
  • Court shoes (in United States as pumps); these are typically high-heeled, slip-on dress shoes.

Comparison between Men and Women Shoes:


Men Shoes

Women Shoes


Men’s shoes are far wide, as a result of the shape of their feet.

Women’s shoes are narrow, thin and delicate, so their comfort lies in the concept of beauty and delicacy.

Size specification and comparison

Men’s shoes are 1.5 inch and 2 widths broader than women’s shoes.

Women’s shoes are smaller as compared to that of the men’s shoes.

Standard width

Standard width of men's running shoes is a D.

Standard width of women's running shoes is a B.

They are

Men’s shoes are broader and large, in order to cover the entire feet of men.

Women's shoes tend to taper more toward the heel.

Additional decorative used 

The Men's shoes are decorated by using the Plain-toes, Cap-toes and Brogues (American: wing-tips).


The women’s shoes are decorated by using different types of fabrics and styles.


  • Oxfords
  • Derby shoe
  • Monk-straps
  • Slip-ons
  • High-heeled footwear
  • Mules
  • Slingbacks
  • Ballet flats
  • Court shoes

Image Courtesy: wedding-bros.com, brcla.com


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