Difference between Olive Oil and Coconut Oil for Hair

Key difference: The key difference between the two oils, according to their name, that olive oil is extracted form olive seeds, whereas coconut oil is obtained from coconuts. Though, the differences in their hair properties are based on the hair type, requirements and suitability.

Women love compliments, be it about their eyes, face, skin, hair, nails, etc, they enjoy it all, and wish for the compliments to keep on coming!! Which is why, women seem to take a lot of care for their bodies, i.e. the right moisturizer, the right soap, the right shampoo, and the right oil totally matters for skin and hair care. Now, talking specific care, hair care is of utmost important for many women.

Oils are known for their hair care properties, and the popular choice, among the many available oils, is Coconut Oil. Though, in recent times, Olive oil too has been gaining its reputation as a healthy hair serum form all kinds of beauty experts. Also, the use of different oil doesn’t matter for it is the massaging process of that stimulates the hair growth. The difference between the two oils is based on an individual’s need for stronger, shinier, silkier and healthier hair.  

Now, coconut oil is great for a combat against hair loss, as it helps to strength the hair, and also has the ability to thicken it, to get rid of dandruff, and to manage long hair, be it curly or straight hair. Coconut oil aids in the natural hair growth process, a simple warm oil massage onto the scalp left overnight, not only brings a wonderful snooze, it also easily washes away by the use of shampoo. Because of its moisturizing properties, this oil is a great choice for eliminating dandruff. Also, as it strengthens the hair and prevents it from breakage, coconut oil is propounded as the best remedy for long and healthy locks.

On the other side, olive oil is the perfect oil for restoring and replenishing dry hair. It is very helpful in managing and bringing out the natural shine of your hair. It does so by removing all the frizz-ness from the hair. Its benefits are clearly visible after an hour of deep conditioning that helps the hair follicles to absorb the oil completely. This oil helps in improving the elasticity and strength of hair, and it also contains the necessary anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes scalp health and prevents dandruff. Another trick in its hat, is that this oil can also be used as an after wash moisturizer for the hair, where only few drops do the trick and help keep the hair manageable through the day.

Thus, from the above explanation, it is understandable that both oils have similar enriching hair properties, and their usage depends on the hair needs, type and also suitability. For, at times olive oil might only suit some, and the coconut oil may suit others. Though, they don’t have much differences, both are effective in their own ways and do wonders for the hair when used regularly.

In fact, here's a little secret, both oils when combined in equal amounts, give the best of both worlds. The combined effect is great for healthier hair, though they can also be combined with other essential oils for their soothing properties. However, it is important to remember that oils are used to recuperate hair from its unhealthy condition, and to maintain them. So, if possible, one should refrain from damaging their hair by styling, heating, etc and simply say ‘Hello!!’ to ‘Healthy Hair’.

Image Courtesy: res.mindbodygreen.com, dailyperricone.com

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