Difference between Skimmed Milk and Toned Milk

Key Difference: ‘Skimmed milk’ is milk from which the cream has been removed. The process takes place to remove fat from the milk. On the other hand, ‘Toned milk’ is a mixture of skim powdered milk and water in whole buffalo milk in order to decrease the fat.

Milk is the most important drink which one must have everyday. It is considered a complete and great food. One doesn’t have to think about the time or place to drink milk. It gives calcium, phosphorous, protein, magnesium, and vitamin to the body. It is substantial for everyone; but for women and kids, it is must! Either it is skimmed milk or toned milk, one just has to think and buy milk for themselves.

Skimmed milk is obtained after skimming, that is removing cream from the milk. As cream has been removed from milk, it will contain 0.3% of fat. Skimmed milk is also called as non-fat milk.

The importance of skimmed milk is that it helps in reducing weight. For those who all are fat and are heavy weight, it will be helpful for them to reduce some weight because it contains less than 0.3% fat. There is a very simple concept that if a fat is removed from milk you will be able to adapt more nutrients which are good for your health.

Toned milk is a process from which fat is removed only once. It is a mixture of skim powder milk and water, which are added in buffalo milk in order to decrease the fat. It should contain a minimum of 3.0 % fat. Its nutritive value is that of pure or of fresh cow milk. It is a useful source of protein for special conditions such as malnourishment, pregnancy, etc.

 It is very important for children to have whole milk than any other milk. Toned milk is useful for those who already have healthy habits in their day-to-day activity. It has good amount of fats than skimmed milk.

Switching in an early age for children onto any of this milk is not good. The people who all have certain problems or are over weight can switch to these milks. It is a great source of calcium and protein, thus one needs to be very alert while choosing a particular type of milk. Consuming toned milk keeps lower cholesterol consumption from the milk. Though, it carries the same nutrition as a whole milk, it lacks fat soluble vitamins which have to be fortified.

Some of the important differences between skimmed milk and toned milk are mentioned in the table below:-


Skimmed Milk

Toned Milk


Skimmed milk is from which the cream has been removed.

Toned milk is obtained by adding skim milk powder and water to whole milk.


Less than 0.3%

More than 3.0%

Calories per glass

80 calories

120 calories

Useful for


Malnourished children, Pregnant women


Remove cholesterol from milk

Lower cholesterol

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