Difference between Temper and Anger

Key difference: Anger is an emotion that is a natural response to situations, events and even certain people. A temper is the expression of anger.

Temper and anger are often used together. Due to this, many people believe that they have the same meaning. However, the terms are actually different and are used in different context.

Dictionary.com defines temper as:

  • A particular state of mind or feelings.
  • Habit of mind, especially with respect to irritability or patience, outbursts of anger, or the like; disposition: an even temper.
  • Heat of mind or passion, shown in outbursts of anger, resentment, etc.
  • Calm disposition or state of mind: to be out of temper.

Whereas, anger is defined as:

  • A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.

Anger is a mood, an emotion, similar to happy, sad, hungry, etc. It is what we feel, usually in response to an event or a situation. Anger is a common response to variety of events. It is a byproduct of feeling offended, wronged, or denied. Anger is healthy, as it provides an outlet to deal with the negative feelings.

Temper is when we act out in a rage. It is when we allow are responses to be dictated by anger. Temper is associated with the yelling, acting out, punching walls, breaking things, etc.

Anger is an emotion that is a natural response to situations, events and even certain people. However, it is when our judgment is clouded by anger, when the anger takes over and starts to dictate our actions that it is termed as ‘loosing one’s temper’. Anger is an emotion; it does not need to be expressed. A temper is the expression of anger.

Image Courtesy: klemmer.com, discovermagazine.com

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