What is the Slim Fast Diet?

Key Difference: SlimFast is a type of diet that recommend replacing proper meals with prepackaged products that are fortified with minerals and vitamins, but are limited in their calorie count.

SlimFast is a type of diet that has been quite popular over the years. It was started in 1977 as a line of products by Thompson Medical Company. The interesting part is that they were developed and launched as a response to the Atkins diet and South Beach Diet, which had gained popularity around the same time.

Like most diets, SlimFast acts on the premise of reducing calorie intake to lose weight. It sells products that are designed to replace meals and are limited in their calorie count. Hence, they provide their customers with pre-packaged portion controlled ‘meals.’ The benefit of this is that the customer does not need to count calories, or pay attention to meal portions, or even have to cook. They can just grab a packet and be done with it. 

The SlimFast plan follows a 3-2-1 plan, where the users are allowed to eat three 100-calorie snacks, two 200-calorie meal replacements and one dinner. The 3 and 2 part of the plan are to be eaten in SlimFast Products which include a combination of meal bars, shakes, snack bars, and powder. The 100-calorie foods are usually snacks like bars, chews, or chips, whereas the 200-calorie meal replacements can be eaten as meal bars or shakes. The 200-calorie meal replacements are fortified with additional minerals and vitamins, which are essential for the body. This ensures that the body continues to receive its daily nutritional needs. The shakes can be store bought, or made at home with the SlimFast power.

The dinner is the one proper meal that the dieter is allowed to eat in the day. SlimFast recommends that the meal be sensible, as in it should not include junk and should be filling. The US website recommends that this meal be of 500 calories, while the UK site recommends 600 calories. One does have the option of moving this meal around, as in it need to be dinner, it can be lunch or breakfast, as long as one only eat one proper meal a day. The rest should be the 100-200 calorie packaged foods. It is also recommended that one should exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

The SlimFast claim is that one can lose up to 7 lb in the first week itself and then continue to lose 1 lb steadily each week after that. However, some users have criticized the products for having too much calories, claiming that for 200 calories they can have something more substantial than a meal bar or just a shake. Some medical practitioners have criticized its nutritional content, claiming that the diet does not provide adequate nutritional value, especially as a replacement for almost the entire day’s food consumption.


SlimFast Diet

Also Known as

Slim-Fast, Slim Fast, Slim·Fast 

Type of


Type of Diet

Low calorie diet


Replace normal meals with shakes and meal bars.

Daily Calorie Consumption

Approximately 1200 calories


6 meals a day in 3-2-1 format. Three snacks, two meal replacements, and one proper meal.

Food allowed

Meal replacement bars, shakes, and snacks produced and marketed by Slimfast, plus one proper meal.

Food purchased from

Various Stores that sell SlimFast products

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Image Courtesy: amazon.com, edietsthatworkfast.com

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