Difference between Practice and Practise

Key difference: ‘Practice’ is used as a noun. ‘Practise’ is used as a verb.

Many people believe that the word ‘practise’ is a misspelling of ‘practice’. They fail to recognize that they are both proper words. They sound the same and even look similar, except that one is spelled with a ‘c’ and the other with an ‘s’. However, the context that they are used in differs.

In the British English, there is a minor difference between the two words. ‘Practice’ is used as a noun, whereas ‘practise’ is used as a verb. In American English, only ‘practice’ is used, and ‘practise’ is nonexistent. According to the American English, ‘practice’ is used as both noun and verb.

According to the British English, the word ‘practise’ is used as a verb. It is used in the sense of ‘doing something repeatedly to improve one’s skill’. It denotes something done in order to attain perfection. For example, I regularly practise playing the guitar.

The word ‘practice’, however, is used as a noun. It is used in the sense of ‘something done or performed regularly’. It refers to the act itself, not a person doing something. For example, I need to visit the doctor’s practice.

A simple way to remember when to use which word, it’s ‘to practise’ and ‘the practice’. Remember, practice makes perfect, so it’s good to practise.

Examples of ‘practice’:

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • You need more practice.
  • The doctor hopes to build up quite a good practice.
  • The practice of the law.
  • A hard theory to put into practice.
  • It is their practice to give annual raises.
  • Are you coming to football practice this evening?
  • My singing practice has been a little lax, lately.

Examples of ‘practise’:

  • Why don't you practise what you preach?
  • You should practise more. 
  • The doctor plans to practise medicine in Yorkshire.
  • She practises the violin every day.
  • I need to practise my English.
  • They are practising for the Olympic Games.
  • John is practising golf.

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thanks i really needed to learn the difference between practice and practise

If you agree that practice makes perfect and that it's good to practise, then that means you practise practice. Sorry. Too much coffee.

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