Difference between Aim and Goal

Key Difference: Goal is a set target that a person wants to achieve, while Aim is the determined course a person sets to achieve a target.

What is your aim? What are your goals? These two questions have haunted people’s lives for ages. It may be in school, a job interview, or your family gathering; a person has heard these words somewhere in their lives. So what do they exactly mean?

There is a lot of confusion over the difference between these words. To a lot of people these mean the same thing, but they actually are not. Here is the definition:

Goal: A goal is a desired result that a person wishes to achieve. It is a target that a person wants to reach. Goals can be short term or long term.

Ex: A person wishes to become a doctor.

Aim: Aim is setting a determined course in order to achieve a set target. Aims are usually long term.

Ex: The person aims to acquire the required doctorate to become a doctor.

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