Difference between Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSI and Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTSI

Key Difference: Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and 180cc DTS-i are both models of motorcycles by the company named as Bajaj Auto. They both vary in various specifications like maximum power, maximum torque, types of tyres (tube types or tubeless), dimensions, etc. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc can be viewed as a mid level performance bike, whereas Bajaj Pulsar 180cc can be viewed as a low capacity sports bike.

Bajaj Group is one of the leading business houses in India. Bajaj Auto is the flagship company of Bajaj.  Pulsar is a brand of motorcycles that has been developed by the company. Pulsar 150 cc and 180 cc DTS-i are among the variants of Bajaj Pulsar.

If you are a motorcycle geek or just planning to buy a new Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle, then the differences between these two models can be very useful for you. 

If you are wondering about the term DTS-i associated with these pulsar models, then here is the answer to your question. It stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Bajaj holds the Indian patent for this technology. The company boasts that through the implementation of this technology, the motorcycles are able to provide a fast rate of combustion and then a faster rise in pressure. The models with this technology are known for better fuel efficiency and for lower emissions.

In 2003, Bajaj developed the DTS-i technology and incorporated this technology in its earlier 150 and 180 cc Pulsar models of motorcycles. Since then, they have gone through a series of upgradation phrases. Currently, both are equipped with 4-stroke, DTS-i, air cooled, single cylinder type of engine. They both are available in three colors- midnight black, plasma blue and cocktail wine red.

Pulsar 150cc DTS-i seems to be an attractive option for those who want a mid level performance bike. On the other hand, Pulsar 180 cc turns out to be an attractive low-capacity sports bike. Its strong engine and muscular looks, both are admired by Bajaj Pulsar fans.

They both differ in various specifications. Some of them are listed below in the table:


Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTS-i

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i



Displacement: 149.01 cc

Max Power: 15.06 @ 9000 (Ps @ RPM)

Max. Torque: 12.5 @ 6500 (Nm @ RPM)

Displacement: 178.6 cc

Max Power: 17.02 @ 8500 (Ps @ RPM)

Max. Torque: 14.22 @ 6500 (Nm @ RPM)


Front: 260 mm Disc

Rear: 130 mm Drum

Front: 260 mm Disc

Rear: 130 mm Drum


Tube Type



Length (mm): 2055

Width (mm): 755

Height (mm): 1170

Length (mm): 2035

Width (mm): 765

Height (mm): 1165

Top Speed (km/h)



Ex-showroom Price (Delhi)



Ground Clearance




50-55 km/l

40-45 km/l

Images Courtesy: bajajauto.com

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Friends, i want to know that there is any difference of body in pulsar 150 from pulsar 180....

Guys i want to replace rear tyre of 150 from 180. Is it possible ????

for city riding 150 is better

Hmmmm Chalo Guyzz.. Go with 150CC coz I have purchased it ;)

i m modied my pulsar 150 to 180 .i make some changes in my bike like i change the rear carrier of pulsar 180 nd i change my bike seat into 2 part its make my bike almost like 180...

pleas send your bikes photo becaus i am thinking for split seat

Guys go for 180, in case of kickers, after a year or so change amaron battery, no other issues. 180 is far more comfortable than 150, riding position, ride control road grip and etc.,

I wanted to know the difference in handle bar between 150cc P and 180cc P. Please let me know if anyone knows?

I'm a bike lover....I've driven almost all best&selling bikes....when it comes for a bk lvr like me,180 is a best chosen 1.no bike company launches the bike without kicker with problems. if there is no kicker in,it means its a secured power start.so kicker doesn't matter.u r paying 3000 x-tra for x-tra 30 cc,a bit more speed,split seat,larger tyre,bit low height handle bar than 150,torque and power.but a disadvantage is for all these we r getting reduced by marginal 10 km mileage. it is better to buy a pulsar 180.....as we giving bit mileage and getting more gain in specs....

i like the comments..thanks guys...


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