Difference between Breaking News and Flash News

Key Difference:  Breaking news refers to an important current event that due to its importance interrupts the current program and the details of the event are reported whereas flash news is a small snippet of an important current event that interrupts the current program.

In order to increase channels viewer-ship, every broadcaster wants to be the first to show any important current event. News channels specially focus on delivering the latest information as soon as possible.  Reporting of any major current event has become very competitive and due to this breaking news and flash news have gained lots of popularity.

To understand flash news lets consider an example of a natural disaster which had taken place suddenly. The channels may not have the full details of the event but they want to provide the information of occurrence of this disaster to their viewers. They simply flash news stating that such an event has taken place. It is brief and sudden news. It may also contain alerts for the viewers.

Breaking news is also known as a special report. It is broadcasted to report the details of a current event. Most Often, breaking news are follow-ups on the stories already covered by the channel.  Any major advancement in the already reported story leads to breaking news. In that case, the already gained information and presently gained information are presented. Breaking news is usually presented with a reporter who  provides the detailed information. In breaking news live reporting is also done to get the most current and updated information. Breaking news increases the curiously level as they  flash small information of the event before broadcasting the whole story. If possible, then breaking news are also supported by footage of the actual events. Breaking news sometimes also switch to live telecast of the event if it is possible.


Flash news is sudden therefore they are shorter whereas for presenting breaking news it is beneficial to gain details as much as possible. Breaking news is designed for creating immense interest for the viewers, so that the viewers do not switch to other channels. On the other hand, flash news is smaller and more sudden. The information has not many details with it but due to its relevancy the news is regarded as of great importance and it is flashed. A flashed news, after collection of relevant details is a potential candidate for breaking news. Covering of breaking story is also regarded as a big task therefore the channel ensures that most of the audience is able to watch their report. In order to do that, they often repeat telecast their breaking news. Information changes in the flash news takes place more rapidly than in breaking news.

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