Difference between Character and Personality

Key Difference: Character can be described as a pattern of qualities of an individual which are distinct from other human beings. It especially refers to moral and mental qualities. Personality can also be described as a set of qualities that makes a unique individual. However, personality is generally associated with the outer appearance and behavior of an individual.

'When you choose your friends, don't be short-changed by choosing personality over character'- These words by W. Somerset Maugham clearly indicate the difference between character and personality. However, character and personality are often thought to be closely related to each other.

Character is closely related to moral and ethical values. It focuses on the traits that are unique to a person. Character and personality are often considered to be synonymous. Character is often regarded as the true self, meaning that it represents deep rooted attributes possessed by a person. One cannot disguise moral and ethical values from himself, and thus this is the closest set of features that is possessed by anyone. Character works with the aid of mind and feelings.

On the other hand, personality is often referred to as the mask identity of a person. It is reflected by the outer appearance and behavior that may or may not be true to inner character. Personality may be glorified with the use of various masks.  Personality is often developed in order to be as effective as possible. The relation between personality and character can also be expressed by considering personality as the finishing of character, if one wants to potray the real identity.

Comparison between Character and Personality: 





Character can be described as a set of mental and moral qualities of an individual which sets him apart from other individuals.

Personality is often referred to as the mask identity of a person. It is reflected by the outer appearance and behavior that may or may not be true to inner character.


Honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, leadership, loyalty, courage, objective, constant, and timeless.

Sense of humor, being friendly, interests and passions.


Defined by

What we are

What we seem to be


Mental and moral qualities

Outstanding characteristics


She is a woman of a fine character.

She has a witty personality that is often appreciated by everyone.





Distinctive, impact behavior and actions, good character has components of moral values, strong and persistent characteristics.

Consistent, psychological and physiological, impact behavior and actions, multiple expressions.

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