Difference between Crèche and Preschool

Key difference: A crèche is a secure facility that houses those children during daytime, whose parents are busy working. A preschool means an educational facility where little children learn the basics of school education.

A crèche or childcare or daycare centers have proved to be ingenious for parents, who have to work and can’t stay back at home, in order to look after their children. Dropping off their kids at such an institution allows parents to concentrate solely on their work, without having to worry about the safety and security of their children. At a crèche, it is ensured that a child is well-fed, feeling comfortable and is in a cheerful frame of mind. Some crèches also take up the responsibility of educating children, along the lines of a preschool or an elementary school curriculum. A number of crèches also perform community service, by functioning as a non-profitable organization.

Preschool is defined by an educational institution that prepares children between the ages of three to five for higher education. Preschools are of many variants such as a nursery, kindergarten, Montessori, playschool, etc. All the above terms essentially denote the same function of educating children, but they are used interchangeably because of the distinction in their methods of imparting education. Preschools are unavoidable entities when it comes to harnessing a child’s potential, as they inculcate various valuable skills that go on to define a child's personality in future.

Comparison between a Crèche and Preschool:





Crèche is a form of child care or day care center

Preschool is the broader term that covers institutions such as nursery, playschool, Montessori, etc.


Crèches look after children for the whole day until their parents/guardians return to them

Preschools operate only for a few hours a day


Focus is on looking after the children

The focus lies on educating the children

Age group

For little and young children as well

For children from 3 – 5 years of age

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