Difference between DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Key Difference: A DoFollow link passes the SEO strength or the Page Rank of the page to the website to which it is linked. On the other hand, a NoFollow link is the link that is generally ignored by the search crawlers. Both are expressed as html attribute values.

DoFollow and NoFollow links are the incoming links from different web sites to a webpage. These links are associated with the search engine optimization, as the account rankings of a website are also affected by these links. Both these links are properly considered by the webmasters.

Search engines like Google, crawl a website and determine that these links point to some other websites. If the link is a DoFollow link, the search engine follows that link and the PageRank is transferred for that particular link. On the other hand, if the link is a NoFollow link, then search engine bots are not allowed to follow any of the links. However, few search engines may crawl the linked website, but still no PageRank is transferred for that link. It was designed so that the web site owners could stop the indexing of links by the search engines. Therefore, no authority or the “link juice” is transferred to the linked site from the source site.

Comparison between Dofollow and Nofollow Links:


Dofollow Links

Nofollow Links


It instructs the bot to crawl the linked page and the link juice is passed.

It instructs the bot not to crawl the linked page and the link juice is not passed.


 <a href=”http://www. differencebetween.info /”>Comments </a>


<a href=http://www. differencebetween.info  rel=”dofollow”/”>Comments </a>


<a href=http://www. differencebetween.info  rel=external”/”>Comments </a>

<a href=”http://www. differencebetween.info  rel=”nofollow”/”>Comments </a>

Application in instances

  • Referring to the site having a related content
  • High quality websites
  • Link to the original source for the referred content
  • Any spam vulnerable sections
  • Unrelated sites in terms of content
  • Gambling and casino sites
  • Affiliate links/ Paid links


  • Website gets more comments
  • Attracts more visitors
  • Popularity of the website is enhanced
  • Spammers are unable to spam on your website
  • Less time is spent in the moderation of comments
  • Genuine visitors will only post comments


Lot of Spam related comments may be encountered

A lot of time might be spent to moderate all of the comments.

Few visitors would only comment as the link is defined as NoFollow link.

Image Courtesy: allbloggingtricks.com, bloggingehow.com

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