Difference between Joint Family and Nuclear Family

Key Difference: In simple terms, the main difference between joint family and nuclear family is that a joint family is a big family, whereas a nuclear family is a small family.

Family is the most important part of a person; from an early age a child is taught the importance of a family and the part he/she is expected to play in the family. Girls are most commonly taught about cooking, while boys are taught the family business. However, these importances are differentiated according to the families people live in. In this article, let us mainly focus on two families, i.e. joint family and nuclear family.

In a joint family, even if parents go to work, grandparents will be taking care of the children. They will be instructing them the right manners and good qualities about life, and turn the life of children in the opposite way. In the nuclear family, parents quarrel with each other and there is no one to settle the issue. However, in joint family there are parents or in-laws to give advice to the parents to settle the issue.

Tribes, small villages, group of people and such small civilization units are the predecessors of the joint families. Joint families are still common in several parts of the worlds, India, China, African nations and even Arab nations having a large number of such families. Whereas, nuclear families are widely popular in the United States and Europe.

A major importance is placed on family; traditional cultures suggest living in joint families, where parents, male children, children’s spouses and grandchildren, all reside in the same house. However, nuclear families have started receiving more importance in urban cultures.

Comparison between Joint Family and Nuclear Family:


Joint Family

Nuclear Family



A type of extended family composed of parents, their children, and the children's spouses and offspring in one household.

A social unit composed of two parents and one or more children.





Joint Family is mostly helpful in developing good qualities of the individual.

In a nuclear family, it is not necessary that parents can’t develop good qualities in their children, but yes, it is true that this becomes difficult at times.


The primary emotion is a general affectionate bond between two generations and within the members of the generations.

Nuclear family is mainly based upon the emotion of parental love and sibling connection and hence the structural functionalism (mechanism of relationships) is fairly straightforward.


Joint families have less freedom.

Nuclear families have more freedom.

Financial needs

Joint family has less financial needs.

Nuclear family has more financial needs.

Youngsters prefer

Youngsters who prefer social life with better support system prefer joint families.

Youngsters prefer freedom and less restriction choose nuclear family.


Joint families have more quarrels.

Nuclear families have fewer quarrels.

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Both Families are good but it depends upon the atmosphere and the mentality of family members what they actually want both have different advantage and disadvantages .So frame you mind what you want it is not necessary that we have to live in a nuclear family when you are a positive thinker you can live in a joint family .

I really agree with you because I know this things very well.

Joint family is far far better than nuclear family because it gives us lots of Happiness. And always supports me and i Committ any mistake then it advised me that is worng... .... .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ......

If we see know adays no one are willing to letve in a joint family everyone wants to live in a necular family. But according to my thinking joint family is very better than necular family. In joint family our grandparents teaches us who we respect our elders and how we will get succesa in our future

My family is a nuclear family i think nuclear family is very good my family is A very happy.

Joint family is nice family because all old membres care in small child nd any other people nd provides good think nd many rules in under life those joint family pepole veryy happy nd well my family is joint family i wish all Familys nuclear nd joint family there to very happy nd best of luck .

The joint family is better

How can you say.The join family is better .

I Thing joint family is better than nuclear family .In the joint family no any person of the family face any type of problem.My family is also a Joint family.

I agree with you all


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