Difference between Management Studies and Business Administration

Key difference: Essentially, management studies and administration have very subtle differences between them. In a nutshell, management studies rely more on the theoretical aspects of business, and administration on the practical portion of it.

Management studies refer to the curriculum of education, based on the managerial applications of running a business entity. Formally, management studies comprise the core subjects of staffing, planning, directing, organizing and controlling. These five subjects form the bastion of management education. Management studies is mostly opted by the students who wish to turn entrepreneurs, once they’re through with their education. This follows naturally, as a degree in management studies empowers students with the crucial knowledge of decision-making, which a manager is expected to be very adept at.

Business administration is very similar to management studies. It’s really hard to tell differences between the two, unless one chooses to delve into semantics or begins splitting hairs on the topic. Business administration focuses on the executive facets of business, such as finance, operation, accounting etc. Administration degrees are mostly preferred by students who’re already well into their jobs. Professionals and executives opt for an administration degree, as they believe that they can add enormously to their existential skill-sets by way of this.

Comparison between Management Studies and Business Administration:


Management Studies

Business Administration


Includes Subjects like staffing, planning, directing, organizing and controlling

Consists of subjects like finance, operation, accounting etc.


Focuses on the theoretical aspects of business

Practical aspects of business are deliberated

Primary function

Teaches about strategizing and decision-making

Lessons about proper execution of policies or decisions are taught


Management involves a broader spectrum of knowledge

Administration is less as compared to management

Professional edge

Opted mostly by beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs

Opted by working professionals to enhance their prospects

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