Difference between Ripped and Buff

Key difference: Ripped and buff, are body types of the persons who perform gym and bodybuilding exercises. Ripped is usually associated with bodybuilders, while buff is associated with athletes.

The human body is no less than an engineering marvel. It is made up of so many big and small elements that are crucial for it to function normally. It can be known as a web of interconnected systems, which operate individually and also in tandem with each other, for various activities of sustenance and survival of the human body.

Muscles and bones form the skeletal structure of a human being. Along with providing cover and concealing vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc., muscles and bones help in the protection of these essentials as well. The bones are layered by muscles and the skin. Muscle growth or loss is affected by intake of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.

These days, fitness seems to take priority on most agendas in the world, and physical fitness more so. As a result, people are taking up varied forms of fitness routines such as gym, aerobics, martial arts, etc. Gym is a place where people enroll themselves to develop or tone their physique. And this is where the terms ripped and buff are applicable.

Ripped, as the term suggests, is a body type that contains almost none, or non-existential fat. A person having a ripped body will have finely defined muscles and no traces of fat. Mainly body builders have ripped muscle tones, as their muscles are pronounced by vigorous training. In order to achieve a ripped body, a person must endure extreme weight training, and follow the prescribed diet. He/she must lose fat by consuming fewer calories, build more muscle by protein intake and build on carbohydrates for energy.

Buff body type is something that is associated with the athletes. A person having a buff body would be well built, strong and muscular. People with buff bodies are usually fit and trim. They can have big or small bodies depending upon their physical attributes such as height, weight, etc., and have muscles that are decent and noticeable. People with buff body types consume more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Another important element of the buff body type is fat. Persons with this kind of body type do have fat, but not a lot of it. They have it in just the right proportion.

Therefore, the terms ripped and buff are different from one another.

Comparison between Ripped and Buff:





Big, defined and pronounced muscles

Well built, strong and muscular

Weight training/dieting

Getting a ripped body requires a great deal of weight training and dieting

Achieving a buff body requires comparatively less weight training and dieting.

Body fat

Very low or non-existential body fat

Buff bodied people do have fat, but in the right proportion


Low calorie intake, more protein and carbohydrate intake

More protein intake and less carbohydrates

Image Courtesy: rippedandjacked.com, news.softpedia.com

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