Difference between Split AC and Window AC

Key difference: The major difference between Split AC and Window AC lies in their structure and modification. A Split AC has two main components, a condenser away from its evaporator which lies inside the furnace; while a simple Window AC is a combined structure of all its components within one unit.

Air conditioners and their designs have changed according to the development and need. AC’s are known to beat and maintain the cooling environment as they beat the hot and humid heat. In the market today, there are many types of air conditioner’s which are opted in accordance to need, among them are the split and Window Ac’s. Though both the air conditioners work on similar basic cooling technologies, Split AC’s are more famous because of their structure comfort and cooling capacity; while Window AC’s also feature the same design but have a classic window structure with comparatively cheaper cost price than that of Split AC.

Split AC has two different units, which are settled internally and externally. The indoor unit is installed inside the target room and which works by taking inside the warm air and throwing the cold air as the output. While, the outdoor unit, known as the compressor is installed outside the target room, and is connected to the internal unit through drain pipes and electric cables. The external unit is throes out the warm type of air.


  • The internal unit utilizes less space for installation.
  • These are more silent than window ACs.
  • These can be installed in room with no windows.

Window AC is window shaped and consists of one entire unit. These are generally fitted inside window sills. A single unit of Window AC comprises the necessary components like compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil; these are all enclosed in a single box. These AC’s are easy to install on home basis, hence this makes them a better choice for small room’s air conditioning purposes.


  • It is single unit air conditioner.
  • It requires less effort for installation.
  • Its cost is lesser in comparison to other varieties of AC’s.

Both, split and Window Ac work on similar principals but vary in capacities; hence these are used at different places. Split Ac’s are divided into two main components; hence these are known to provide more capacity and can cover a wider range of area. These are used in large areas, like the huge offices and big rooms. On the other hand; window AC is a single unit, all its components are structures within one machine. Hence, window AC’s are have less capacity and are applicable for smaller areas. Secondly, window AC’s are known for producing noise while split AC’s do not produce any such type of noise factor. On the contrary, windows AC’s are easy to install and hence can be opted as a good choice at the relocation purposes. While experienced professionals are required for installing the Split AC’s.  

Comparison between Split Ac and Window Ac:


Split Ac

Window Ac

Main Design

It splits up into two components.

No splitting, it is entirely enclosed within one component.

Components and Parts

Compressor and condenser are part of an external unit while the evaporative coil is part of the indoor AHU (Air Handling Unit).

Compressor, condenser, expansion valve and other components work as a single unit that is cuboids in shape.

Space factor

Takes up more space compared to a Window AC.

Takes up less space.

Capacity range

0.8 to 2 ton

0.75 ton to 2 ton


May require professional help for installation.

Easy to install.

Noise factor

Known for its minimal noise.

Observed relatively on the higher side.


Trouble-shooting may require technical help.

Easy to service as all components are compactly designed.

Cost factor

Can cost more. Installation costs may be more as well.

Very economical. Installation costs are low as well.


Can be used for cooling large rooms, commercial and office spaces.

Single rooms in apartments, small offices, (of less than 300 sq. ft. in size) etc.

Image Courtesy: anythingeverything4.com, shopping.indiatimes.com

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