Difference between Tonic and Syrup

Key Difference: Tonic and Syrup are two types of solutions that are commonly used in the field of medication as an oral liquid dosage. Syrups are thick and viscous solutions. On the other hand, Tonics are a more watery fluid. Tonic contains less sugar or sugar substitute content than syrup.

Tonics and syrups, these words are commonly used in the medical glossary. They both refer to medications that are mixed or dissolved with water in a certain quantity. The quantity depends upon the type of composition required as a result in the derived solution. Both the solutions are of clear type.

The word syrup indicates a type of liquid which is thick and viscous. In addition to these qualities, it also possesses a high concentration of sugar or sugar substitute. Syrups that do not contain any medical substance are called non-medicated or flavored syrups. In the world of medicines, syrups are used as an oral liquid dosage. These syrups provide an acceptable alternative to drugs that taste displeasing. These syrups have little or no alcohol contained in them. Non-medicated syrups are also used to add taste and flavor in many recipes. They are prepared by reducing naturally occurring sweet juices like 'can juice'. The solution is then made sticky by adding lots of sugar. Generally, a medicated syrup contains ingredients like sucrose, purified water, flavoring agents, coloring agents, the therapeutic agent, and other necessary and desirable ingredients.

Tonic is also quiet the same as a syrup, but it mainly differs in the ratio of sugar. It contains less sugar in comparison to the syrup. Tonics do not have a thick and viscous composition as syrups. Like syrup, tonic is also used for treatment of various ailments. For example – an herbal tonic is generally used for overall good health. This tonic is made from a selected mixture of herbs. A tonic is generally consumed for better health, energy and strength. A tonic usually contains those ingredients which are essential for overall health, instead of focusing on one particular ailment.

Comparison between Tonic and Syrup:





Tonic is similar to syrup. It is generally consumed for better health, energy and strength.

The word syrup indicates a type of liquid which is thick and viscous. In medication, it is used as an oral liquid dosage.


Herbal tonic

Glucose syrup, maple syrup




Sugar content



Prescribed to

Generally adults

Generally children


From New Latin tonicus, from Greek tonikos concerning tone

From Old French sirop or medieval Latin siropus, from Arabic šarāb ‘beverage’


Generally less

Generally more

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