Difference between Uggs and Bearpaws

Key difference: Uggs and Bearpaws are boots that are especially used during winter. They differ from each other in their price, comfort, and make.

Boot brands like UGG and Bearpaw have turned need-based boot wearing into a fashion statement of sorts. Contributing largely to this phenomenon is the increasingly brand-conscious shopping brigade of the present generation. Buying commodities that are exorbitantly priced and affordable only by the uber-rich seems to be a great cause of self-esteem, and earning accolades from one’s peers. People who’re cost-sensitive and not so affluent want to go for the next best thing in the market to an ultimate brand of their choice. Some might even choose to work their socks off and gradually save up for buying their beloved brand. Regardless of all this, uggs and bearpaws are two brands of boots that have pledged to appease all their patrons, who hail from various walks of life and economic backgrounds.

Going just by their appearance, one won’t be able to tell the difference between a pair of uggs and bearpaws. This is probably the reason why people often end up mistaking the two to be same. They are pretty identical in their features such as design, look, color, stitches, etc. However, a shoe connoisseur would easily be able to tell the difference between them both, by checking for the following:

Price: Among these two brands, their price is a big differentiating factor. Uggs are usually priced much higher than bearpaws because of their use of better quality sheepskin, fleece, etc. in their boots. Uggs provide more fleecing inside, as well as on the outer surface of their boots. Bearpaws on the other hand, don’t incorporate as much raw material in their boots as uggs does, which may be the reason why they’ve self-effaced in terms of their pricing.

Comfort: With superior quality skin and fleece being used in uggs, one might be a stickler to this brand. However, bearpaws have surprisingly good quality of sheepskin, leather, or fleece, etc., which makes them almost at par with uggs on comfort. Furthermore, one can wear bearpaws without having to wear his/her socks as well. So bearpaws, in spite of being priced cheaply, don’t compromise on lending comfort. Having said this, the little extra privilege that uggs enjoy among the consumers for their regal like comfort, counts as a distinction in their favor.

Variety: Ideally, a brand like uggs must score more on the range of boots that they offer, but this honor goes to bearpaws. The fact that they’re priced cheaply works in their favor, which means that have a slightly wider consumer-base than their counterpart, uggs. So invariably, bearpaws cater to a wider range of shoppers with diverse needs, and hence rank high on variety.

Promotion: There’s not even a fight in this case. With A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, etc. endorsing their brand, uggs is the undisputed winner in promoting and advertising their brand. The kind of connection they have with their audience is eons away from what bearpaws have.

Brand matters: If one was to be brutally honest, he/she would admit to falsely telling people that he/she is wearing uggs, even if he/she is wearing bearpaws. Such is the loyalty that uggs enjoy among the masses, which makes them different and quite possibly a cut above bearpaws.

Thus, it can be said that uggs and bearpaws can be confused between, only by a person who’s a novice in the matter.

Comparison between Uggs and Bearpaws:








Brian Smith

Tom Romeo


Footwear and accessories


Raw materials used

Sheepskin, fleece, leather, etc.


Mostly used in




Very expensive

Relatively cheaper than uggs


Uggs are more comfortable

Said to be less comfortable than uggs


Decent and a good range

More than uggs

Promotion and advertising



Brand loyalty

More than bearpaws

Not as much as uggs

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